Oocyte freezing (easter egg)

Oocyte freezing explained

What is Oocyte freezing? Oocyte freezing is a process of preserving unfertile, viable eggs to retain female reproductive potentiality for later use. The entire process starts with producing eggs in the ovary through hormonal stimulation and transvaginal salvaging followed by freezing. The process completes with storing the viable eggs in the medical laboratory. These frozen Read more about Oocyte freezing explained[…]

Oocyte freezing

Oocyte Freezing/Egg Freezing is the future of IVF Treatment

Oocyte freezing is the most advanced novel reproductive technology, which stores human eggs in the egg banks in a form of flash-freezing. This technology prolongs the reproductive lifespan of a woman by preserving the ability to bear her own biological child in the late phase of life. This technology is useful when the woman is Read more about Oocyte Freezing/Egg Freezing is the future of IVF Treatment[…]