Top Reasons to opt for Georgian Surrogacy clinics

Georgia(Country) is best known for affordable Surrogacy is the right choice to fulfill their desire and to make their dream come true. Intended parents and couples, single parents, and those who are planning to form a family through surrogacy.

Where a surrogate mother in Georgia helps them for a noble cause and some financial benefits.

Georgia is preferred because surrogacy is legal here you can find a healthy surrogate mother as per your choice.

You can get egg donor services, embryos, and surrogate mothers easily.

Various other reasons will persuade you to visit Georgia to opt for legal surrogacy to form your family.

Law of Surrogacy – Easy to Follow

Surrogacy was legalized in the year 1990 when intended parents started traveling for their needs to form a family. Since 1997, sperm donation, egg donation, and surrogacy have gained the title of legalization.

According to the laws in Georgia, a surrogate mother has no parental rights over the child born.

Intended parents who are visiting the country are registered as parents of the child.

Intended parents will be counted as legal parents, even in a case, an embryo is obtained from an egg donation or sperm donation that is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

A certificate is also issued immediately after the child’s birth within 24 hours.

Easy Requirement for Registration of Intended Parents and Surrogate Mother

  • Parents who are looking for such services in Georgia need to follow a simple registration process that is far easier to follow and fill in.
  • First of all, you should go through the surrogacy agreement and then sign the contract that is done by both surrogate and intended parents legitimately.
  • A certificate of embryo transfer to the surrogate mother is also issued by the IVF Clinic from where you get such services.
  • A certificate of the fact of Childbirth is issued by a maternity hospital
  • A contract signed between surrogate mothers and intended parents is the protection from any kind of problem in the future. It also ensures that no contact will be made by either parents or surrogate mothers.
  • The surrogate mother cannot claim her rights over child care.

Cost-Effective and Secure 

Georgia for Surrogacy services is affordable and secure. After getting the essential tests done and ensuring that you are unable to carry the pregnancy.

Then visit Georgia where such services are offered at a lower cost in comparison to other countries where it is legal and cost-effective.

You can find a surrogate mother easily. It is secure because a contract is signed to get rid of any kind of problem in the future.

Affordable Surrogacy/Reproductive Tourism Packages

Affordable packages for surrogacy and reproductive tourism are also provided herewith with affordable financing options. You will get multiple payment options.

Everything is transparent during the entire process.

At some centers like ARTbaby Surrogacy Centre Georgia, you can pay 25% of the surrogacy contract price as a down payment and the rest in EMIs that are interest-free.

EMIs start when a surrogate mother gets pregnant.

There is a lot more added to your tour package like assistance in hotel booking, free airport pick-up and drop facility dedicated coordinator, a local contact number, and a lot more.

You have to find the right surrogacy center according to your choice and enjoy the dream of forming a family.

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