Sexual disorder in men

Sexual disorders in Men and infertility

Infertility influences up to 12% of all men, and sexual disorder happens frequently in men of reproductive age, causing infertility at some times. In infertile men, hypoactive sexual choice and shortage of sexual pleasure are the most everyday varieties of sexual dysfunction, starting from 8.9% to 68. 7%. Erectile disorder and/or premature ejaculation, evaluated with Read more about Sexual disorders in Men and infertility[…]

pregnant women surrogacy mental health

Mental Illness and Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an infertility treatment alternative option for women who have uterine mal-formation and are unable to start their families with other available treatment options. Read Also: What is surrogacy? The indication of surrogacy includes an absent uterus, repeated abortions, repetitive IVF failures, and some other medical conditions. Surrogacy gives such women to have their Read more about Mental Illness and Surrogacy[…]

Infertility due to underlying diseases

Infertility is a complex condition usually associated with reproductive system disorder. Both the male and/or female partners may responsible for infertility. Broadly, infertility is categorized as primary and secondary. In primary infertility, the germ cell structure growth is arrested. Consequently, cell necrosis happens because of anatomical or physiological disorders. Pathophysiological causes of male infertility Manifestation Read more about Infertility due to underlying diseases[…]

Counseling in surrogacy

Why counseling in surrogacy is important?

Surrogacy, as a medical alternative to childbirth, is not yet fully accepted in society. This is a hidden blessing for infertile couples. However, few people choose it because complete information about the process is missing. Somewhere in the background, people are worried about getting their surrogate children into care, they can fight legal battles if Read more about Why counseling in surrogacy is important?[…]

Unexplained infertility issues

Unexplained infertility is when a standard infertility test does not cause the incapacity of a couple or woman. Some reproductive physicians believe that the diagnosis of unexplained infertility is undiagnosed. Estimates show that 15-30 percent of couples experiencing infertility are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. This makes him one of the biggest causes of infertility. The Read more about Unexplained infertility issues[…]

Doctor recommended surrogacy

My Doctor recommended surrogacy but what next?

Before you start surrogacy treatment, surrogacy planning is very important. After all surrogacy is a complex process. Following are the steps followed in the surrogacy procedure: Searching for surrogacy partner: Surrogacy service providers or intended parents can search for a suitable match for a surrogate partner. Screening test:  A thorough medical screening test is conducted Read more about My Doctor recommended surrogacy but what next?[…]

Law issues in Surrogacy

Precautions to avoid law barriers in surrogacy 

In surrogacy, a surrogate becomes pregnant on behalf of the infertile intended mother and after delivering the child relinquishes it to the intended parents. Therefore, the requirement of a legal contract or agreement between intended parents and surrogates is very important in the surrogacy process. Surrogacy law varies from country to country and usually has Read more about Precautions to avoid law barriers in surrogacy¬†[…]

Enjoying surrogacy

How to enjoy your surrogacy process in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi of Georgia is one of the most sought-after destinations for heterosexual couples who want opting surrogacy to complete their family. The surrogacy centers in Tbilisi offer third-party reproduction as a complete package under one roof with hassle-free legal activity. Georgia has eleven distinct regions with Tbilisi as the capital of this country. Tbilisi is Read more about How to enjoy your surrogacy process in Tbilisi?[…]

New born child

Secrecy or disclosure: Child born through Surrogacy or gamete donation

Tough decision making for parents of children conceived by donor insemination, egg donation, and surrogacy The birth of a child is the most astonishing gift of nature. But increasing infertility issues have increased the application of different assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Donor insemination, egg donation, and surrogacy are different ART help infertile couples to have Read more about Secrecy or disclosure: Child born through Surrogacy or gamete donation[…]

Surrogacy contract explained

Surrogacy contract explained

In the surrogacy process, one of the primary procedures is a surrogacy contract. In the surrogacy contract, a detailed description of the surrogacy journey along with the roles, responsibilities, and rights of each involved party before, during, and after conceiving are mentioned. A comprehensive and detailed surrogacy contract can reduce the scope of misunderstandings and Read more about Surrogacy contract explained[…]