What Is Platonic Parenting?

What is a platonic relationship?

Platonic love or relationship is defined as a relationship based on views, emotions, and similarities without any sexual desire. 

platonic Parenting

At times the parenting decision is taken to raise a child with a partner without an intimate or romantic relationship then this concept is termed ‘platonic parenting ‘or ‘poly parenting.  Many people in Western countries, opt for the platonic relationship options with their co-partner to get a complete family without any romantic involvement.

Platonic parenting is popular among who?

Platonic parenting has gained popularity among same-gender relationships, best friends, and friendship through social media and even married couples, filing a divorce. This societal fact of co-parenting a child by platonic partners is termed platonic parenting.

Platonic Parenting - for the babyPlatonic parenting is possible among the divorced or separated couple who decide to stay together to raise their children, whereas partners without committing any physical relationship for conceiving a child can also perform platonic parenting.

In platonic parenting, partners may not be a couple but share mutual teamwork and perform all parenting responsibilities towards the child. They jointly take care of all responsibilities for their child, which include medical treatment, education, and spiritual-related decisions. Even gay or lesbian couples can choose to be a single woman/man partner to support platonic parenting.

“Parenting is the biggest sacrifice one can make. It’s putting your life on hold to fulfill the promise of your children’s tomorrow.”

Nowadays, women are more focused on their careers and do not want to start their marital courses at an early age. Presently, several women can lately begin their motherhood, even after 35 or 40 years of age. But the biological clock of human mostly restrict and the feeling of having their own child give a drive to them to opt for sperm donation technique to become pregnant.

The advancement of ART helps them to become pregnant through fertility treatment, whereas the option of platonic parenting assists to raise the born child/children. Thus, platonic parenting is getting popular.

Raising a child can help create a strong bond between the couple, but sometimes the stress of raising a child can also cause separation. People who have such previous experiences in their childhood, usually do not prefer to go for such relationships.

They know that the child becomes most vulnerable in such situations. Therefore, they prefer to choose platonic parenting. They believe that platonic parenting gives much more respect and support to make things easier and get guaranteed well-being.

The right selection of a co-partner is a crucial point for a platonic partner. Mutual agreement can only be the fundamental base of platonic parenting without having any relationship demand. A joint contract made between two platonic parents clearly mention the roles and the responsibilities of each of the partners to avoid confusion.

In Western countries, platonic parenting service providers help to search for the right match. The search options for online platonic parenting are also available. However, the right match can take time even for years.

It is always advisable to gather detailed information about the co-partner before detailing the ultimate decision and also mingle with him/her to make sure that the co-partner is trustworthy to continue further.

The advancement of ART has given multiple options to conceive by a co-partner. Sperms are collected from the male co-partner and artificially inserted into the female partner’s uterus. This process can be performed under medical supervision in a fertility treatment center or at home by taking assistance from an insemination kit.

In-Vitro-fertilization is essential in case of the requirement for egg donation or for those who have fertility issues. In this process, the collected egg and sperm are fertilized on a Petri dish in a specialized laboratory. Then the resultant embryo is transplanted into the woman’s womb.

Even if both partners are agreed upon, then natural insemination through sexual intercourse can also be possible. But, it is suggested to perform a thorough medical checkup require for both the partners before intercourse to avoid future complications.

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