Does Emotional Distress Result in Poor Infertility Treatment in Women?

Infertility treatment in women is required who are unable to carry the pregnancy naturally due to any health complication, genetic issues, major disease, or because of having no uterus.

Often search for alternative ways to help them conceive and fulfill their desire to have a happy baby of their own gene.

There are various treatment options to say bye-bye to infertility.

Adopting the right one is an important decision to make.

In In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF and surrogacy are the most commonly preferred alternative to natural ways of pregnancy.

IVF Can Be a Stressful Experience That May Take Large Emotional Toll

In a good number of women, IVF can be a stressful experience that may pave the way for doubt, and worries and even may take large emotional tolls too – mainly when the treatment fails.

It is the time when they need extra support mentally to come out of the situation.

Failure of IVF or Other Infertile Treatments Are Not Associated with the Emotional States

Failure of IVF or other alternatives for carrying a pregnancy can be problematic for women – mainly after getting no success in natural ways.

However, women who have witnessed the failure of such alternatives are found reporting that family and friends often insist on “Stay Relaxed and Cool”. 

Some of them are suggested to stay calm and relax to conceive successfully.

Such urges often persuade them to think about another phase – mental state or emotional distress as people think that mental state may cause treatment failure.

The reality is that emotional state or emotional distresses are not associated with the failure of IVF or any other alternative to carrying the pregnancy.

Medical Complications and Other Reasons May Be Behind the IVF Failure – Not Emotional State

Different researches and studies conducted on the possibility of IVF failure divulge that women’s emotional state doesn’t have a strong connection with the success of infertility treatment.

According to research on thousands of women (to know about women’s emotional distress that some people think may obstruct the success of infertility treatments), anxiety, depressive symptoms or any kind of women’s distress don’t have any connection with the failure of IVF or any other infertility treatment.

There may be other conditions that may fail in age, time of living as infertile, earlier treatment conditions, and genetic issues.

These research and studies have proven that there is no impact on infertility treatment due to the emotional state of a woman.

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