Two week waiting period during your fertility treatment

You may or may not aware of two-week waiting time, which is vital to manage your stress level if you are seeking fertility treatment.

The time gap between ovulation and your expected period date is two weeks.

Therefore this two-week time-period is required for confirming your pregnancy. 

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This waiting period is more frustrating, as you are anxious about the outcome of fertility treatment.

Your fear of treatment failure is high, but you do not want to miss the hope.

This mixed mindset creates thousands of negative thoughts, which you want to turn in a positive direction.

Following are some tips to manage the two week waiting period:

Stopover obsessing pregnancy symptoms

You should not always want to feel the early symptoms of pregnancy during the two weeks.

Usually, the occurrence of symptoms varies from individual to individual.

You should try to be mentally relaxed at least the time duration required to get the positive result from the pregnancy test. 

Keep yourself busy

The passing the waiting period is always difficult. In general waiting period always seems like slowing downtime.

Anxious waiting for deadline provides the feeling of the slow ticking of a clock.

Keeping busy yourself is the only way to pass this time at least at normal speed.

Busy does not mean you should do lots of physical work, but you can make busy your mind by doing healthy planning, perform some fun activity which distracts you to focus only on the waiting period time.

Following are some fun activity which you can plan to pass the waiting period happily:

  • Meet your close relative
  • Plan some get together with your friends
  • Plan a romantic date with your partner
  • Watch a movie with good thoughts 
  • Go to the nearby library to check new novels and buy them and read them thoroughly
  • Pursue some hobby which you never try before, but have a wish to do it. 
  • Clean your house and if possible try to make some renovation work during this period 

You can do whatever you want to do, but avoid any health hazardous activity. 

Pass your time with people who can understand you 

Sometimes you need to take help from others when you cannot do it by yourself.

You can connect with people who can understand your situation.

You can contact certain social media, online infertility forums to contact people who have passed a similar type of issue.

Sometimes your friends and relatives support a lot to deal with the condition.

Contact therapist who has a specialization in infertility.   

Apply relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques like breathing exercise, meditation help you to keep yourself relax, as this process lowers stress-level.

You can also join a fertility yoga class to control your stress level effectively.

Acupuncture also has a stress-relieving effect and improves mental health to deal with the condition effectively.

Following are some relaxing techniques you can apply to increase your mood-enhaning hormones like endorphins:

  • Paining and/or coloring is a good option to explore different colors of life  
  • Playing music or listening music gives you a soothing effect
  • Roam around the park, inside the mall, watching other visitors also motivate you to normalise your mental condition
  • If your doctor allows you to perform stretching exercises or aerobics, then these activities also give you relaxing effect. 
  • Take aromatherapy or massage therapy also good for mental relaxation. 
  • Taking a hot bath also helps your body to relax. 
  • Joining to embroidery work, knitting, or cooking and baking classes also make you happy. 
  • Pass your time with your pets.  

Pen down your experience

Some of you may be a good writer, but you never tried before due to a shortage of time.

This is the right time to discover your inner talent.

You can pen down all your experience along with feeling about decision making and pursuing fertility treatment.

This is one of the best ways to share your emotional thoughts and pass your waiting time with creativity. 

Do not repeatedly perform a pregnancy test

Some of you may purchase the bulk of pregnancy kit for performing pregnancy tests regularly during the waiting period.

But these test results do not give an authentic result and you have to wait for the right time when your doctor suggests you perform the pregnancy test.

Repeat pregnancy tests during the waiting period only build tension by providing confusing results, as the period is not optimum to get perfect results. 

Every infertile couple who has undergone fertility treatment face the stressful two-week waiting period.

The women who have pursued fertility treatment, they must be compassionate and provides extra attention during the two-week waiting period.

This cannot be possible to do alone, therefore take help and support from friends and family.  

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