Tips to create bonding with new born

Bonding with a newborn is a vital part to raise a child.

It is no matter how the pregnancy is created, that may be the result of normal conception or the outcome of the fertility treatment like IVF, egg donor pregnancy, etc.

Every newborn requires love, warmth, and care.

He/she must feel safe to play, learn and explore in the place where he/she is raised.

Usually, people have a thought process that parents who have genetically linked children can create a bonding automatically, whereas parents who have genetically unlike children due to egg/sperm donation faced problems to create bonding with the newborn.

But practically, all the challenges they faced while trying to conceive only made them want their baby more, and the burning desire to become a parent fuels the initial stages of bonding.

Medically, there is no difference in physiological or emotional changes that occurred in both normal or assisted reproductive technology-treated pregnancy.

Pregnant mothers feel the same physical exhaustion, mental frightened, and happiness. 

Hormonal changes

Immediately after childbirth, fluctuation of hormonal release is a very usual maternal physical change.

Some parental hormonal changes also occur due to the extreme stress of childbirth.

These may cause a mood swing. First, a few postpartum week mood swings are very normal in a new mom.

During this period moms need their space to adjust to the changes.

Time balancing is very important in this phase.

The mother should get enough time to take proper rest, eat, shower, and exercise.

Grandparents and other caregivers should help to support the creation of new bonding by facilitating both the parent to obtain general well-being as early as possible after the delivery of the child.

Therefore, not before childbirth, but after childbirth also taking care of the new mother is very important to smoothen the bonding process with a newborn.

It may take some time, but help to strengthen the bonding.  

Memory keeping

The growth and changes of a child are a very fast process and each little moment requires to pay attention.

Some experts recommended keeping a record of all these precious moments by making a baby scrapbook, which helps later to explore the childhood of the newborn.

Saving memories always strengthen emotional attachments, at the time of incidence, we may not concentrate on every virtue of that situation.

Later, the moments become precious and provide valuable aspects in the long run.

Require time to create bonding

The overwhelming feelings of most of the parents due to the opportunity to new parenting may lead to a feeling of underwhelmed about the baby.

The mother may not feel wow moment after the arrival of her newborn.

But new mom does not worry about it or does not create an emotionally panic condition.

This is completely normal and does not depends upon the type of pregnancy you experienced.

You just need to feel that this baby is yours! Skin to skin bonding, eye contact during feeding gradually confers this feeling.

Normalizing the hormonal level, sleep cycle, blood sugar level, and other physiological adjustments make it easy to create a permanent and strong bonding with a newborn.  

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