Georgia: A small abridged with lots of diversity

Georgia Country government house

Uniqueness present in Georgia makes this country special for every individual who travels here and recommends others to visit at least once in their lifetime.

However, some people confused this individual country with the US state Georgia.

But both geographically and politically Georgia is much different from the US state. 

The term Georgia is derived from a Greek word, which means farmer and yet now agriculture is the primary occupation for most of the Georgian population.

The mountains of this Caucasus country lie in between Caspian and Black sea. 

Georgia has a northern border with Russia and Turkey, Armenia makes the southern border and in East Azerbaijan.

Therefore, people often have a dilemma, whether they visit Asian or European country!

Marvelous Georgian cities

Georgia has eleven distinct regions with the Tbilisi as the capital of this country.

Tbilisi is full of liveliness with a blend of multicultural activities.

A Catholic church, an Orthodox church, a mosque, and a synagogue all are situated like a neighborhood of each other. 

Narikala Fort present over the city provides an added value to this country.

Another important Georgian big port city is Batumi. The landscape of Georgia is only 70,000 square kilometres.

But high mountains, nice beaches on the Black Sea coast, volcanic plateau, waterfalls, and hot springs are made this country literally marvelous.

Presence of a couple of caves in Georgia makes this place world famous.

The world deepest cave, Krubera Cave, and Melouri Cave, which is still not completely explored are present in Georgia.  

Pleasant weather

Weather is a considerable factor when we plan for a trip.

Pleasant weather in Georgia welcomes you throughout the year.

Mountains of this country play an important role in pleasant weather.

The ranges of mountains in Georgia protect this country from chilly cold air passing from Russia, and also from dry and hot stream blows from the Middle East countries.

Mount Shkhara is the highest mountain in Georgia, which has 5,000 meters height above sea level.

Delicious Food

Yummy cheesy foods in Georgia always tempt people to visit in this country.

Rice and verity of bread are a staple food for the Georgian population.

Khachapuri is a type of famous Georgian bread, which gets a national dish status.

The fertile land of Georgia gives a variety of fresh fruits and travelers can enjoy these juicy fruits also.

Oldest winemaker

Georgia has at least 8000 years of history of wine manufacturing.

UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity enlisted Kvevri, the Georgian traditional wine manufacturing process.

More than 500 varieties of native Georgian grapes use as the raw ingredient in the wine factories.

Georgian People

The generosity and hospitality of Georgian people are never forgettable.

There are many local celebrations. You can be a part of them.

So, research the best time to visit Georgia and pack your bag to travel this heavenly county.

It is better to make a trip for seven days, as lots of visiting places like Kazbegi (the main attractions are Mount Kazbek and The Gergeti Trinity Church), Telavi, the world’s oldest wine region has a monastery of Alaverdi, Kutaisi and off course, Tbilisi should be included in your journey.

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