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Genetic modification promotes fertility tourism

Genetic modification is the medical advancement, which requires mitochondrial replacement. Women who act as a carrier of mitochondrial diseases and have the risk to transmit the disease to their children need mitochondrial replacement treatment to avoid this transmission. It is necessary to mention that the outcome of mitochondrial diseases ranged from mild to fatal condition. Read more about Genetic modification promotes fertility tourism[…]

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How CZECH republic became popular fertility tourism destination?

The CZECH Republic become a popular fertility destination for many Americans and British infertile populations. Governing body regulated almost thirty fertility clinics are located in the CZECH Republic. The Czech Society for Assisted Reproduction is the governing body involved in the management of these fertility clinics. Czech republic government provides the complete coverage of the Read more about How CZECH republic became popular fertility tourism destination?[…]

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Globalization of fertility tourism

The usual concept of tourism brings an image of pleasure. The primary aim of the tourism industry is to provide occupational services to tourists. But apart from pleasure, tourists can also travel for business purposes or health-related reasons. The concept of fertility tourism differs from the usual trips. Infertile couples travel cross-broader to obtain fertility Read more about Globalization of fertility tourism[…]

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Georgia: A small abridged with lots of diversity

Uniqueness present in Georgia makes this country special for every individual who travels here and recommends others to visit at least once in their lifetime. However, some people confused this individual country with the US state Georgia. But both geographically and politically Georgia is much different from the US state.  The term Georgia is derived Read more about Georgia: A small abridged with lots of diversity[…]