How CZECH republic became popular fertility tourism destination?

The CZECH Republic become a popular fertility destination for many Americans and British infertile populations. Governing body regulated almost thirty fertility clinics are located in the CZECH Republic. The Czech Society for Assisted Reproduction is the governing body involved in the management of these fertility clinics. Czech republic government provides the complete coverage of the IVF cycle for women who have Czech citizenship and age under 39 years. The following are some significant advantages of the CZECH Republic which attacks infertile couples for fertility treatment.

Czech Republic travel architecture


The location of the CZECH Republic is favorable to become a tourist destination. It is connected with the European mainland and Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia are present in the peripheral area of this country. Vibrant night-life,  medieval architecture, and shopping malls attract all age group tourist populations.

Prague is the capital of the CZECH Republic and becomes a prime location for fertility tourism. Top-notch fertility clinics are present in Prague and the well-connected airport supports visitors to come in this city to avail the treat opportunity. The public transport is very cheap, and efficient.  Therefore, people who have visited the CZECH republic for treatment need not bear an expensive local transportation charge during their fertility treatment.     


The fertility expenditure in the CZECH Republic is much cheaper in comparison with other fertility destinations like Greece, Spain and patients need not compromise the quality of the fertility treatments.

Brno and Prague are the two most popular fertility destinations under the CZECH Republic due to high-quality treatment availability. But apart from these two cities, some small cities like Hradec Kralove, Olomouc, Zlin have also maintained the high-quality fertility treatment within a very limited budget.

In the USA, a single IVF cycle cost is around €15,000, while the UK is one of the costliest European countries for fertility treatment. But the estimated IVF treatment charge in Prague is approximately €2,500; in Brno, this charge could be €2,200, while this charge is further lower down to €1950 to €4900 in other small cities of CZECH Republic. This IVF cost difference makes an attractive fertility treatment destination for both Americans, British people and other countries where cost becomes a barrier for availing fertility treatment.  

Fertility Laws

Among different European countries, the CZECH Republic has some favorable laws which support fertility treatments. However, the following are certain laws and restrictions, which infertile people should know before pursuing the CZECH Republic:

Prior sex determination of the child is restricted in IVF techniques until to prevent any serious genetic disease or conditions.   

A woman who has given birth to the child gets the legal right to be a mother of the born child. Therefore, in the egg donation process, the egg donor is not the legal mother of the born child, but the women who received the egg, carry the child and give the birth of the child is the mother of the infant/s. 

Anonymous gametes donation is only allowed by both parties. The medical record-keeping of the donor for thirty years has maintained my fertility clinics and periodic inspection is subject to follow.


High quality, well regulated, close monitoring and conduction of inspection for every two years are benchmarks of the quality service of the fertility medical care of the Czech Republic. Therefore, Czech Republic countries are hotspots for people who concerned regarding health and safety profiles. all fertility clinics in the Czech Republic have implemented the European Union Directive 2004/23/EC for Tissues and Cells, which provide the legitimate license to pursue the treatment.

Therefore, the Infertile population who are thinking of International fertility destination, for the  Czech Republic is a considerable destination, as this country offers cost effective-high quality medical treatments that possess fairytale citadels, authentic medieval architecture and a prospective experience which stay with lifetime.

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