Controversial Ethical Issues and Legal Surrogacy

Controversial Ethical Issues and Legal Surrogacy

For a married couple and even for gay couples and single fathers, having a child is the ultimate dream and of course, the proud moments of life, when a cute pie calls them “Papa”, “Dad” or any other lovely word.

Unfortunately, for some, the inability to have a child can be problematic and be demolishing their future planning. But, it doesn’t mean that their planning is limited to just plans.

Surrogacy is the best option for them to have the child that they desire with gene characteristics from one or both parents.

It is one of the most successful ways of becoming parents with genetic characteristics. But, some legal and medical issues are associated with it. The legality of the surrogacy process is one of the main concerns that vary from one nation to another.

Not to mention different ethical issues that may raise their heads too and need to be considered by the biological parents and the surrogate mother before commencing the process.

Know About Some Ethical Issues That Are Related to Surrogacy Process

You may find a considerable number of people – taking a dim view of surrogacy. You may hear about different ethical issues that are often highlighted.

They believe that a gestational mother or surrogate has an attachment with the baby that she carries for nine months and gives birth. She needs detachment – both physically and emotionally from the child as soon as he/she is born.

  • The Surrogate should not be the primary caretaker of the child as the attachment may increase.
  • The identity of the child is also an issue that often raises in the head.
  • Paying a good amount of money to a surrogate (in the commercial surrogacy process) is also a major point to discuss.
  • Paying a surrogate and bearing all medical and related expenses are higher.

They are not so high that one thinks as intended parents can afford them. If one cannot afford the cost of paying a surrogate, gestational surrogacy is the way to fulfill their desire.

These all controversies are baseless as a legal contract is signed between the intended parents and surrogates to ensure no contact will be made with parents or surrogates in the future.

Take on the Legal Way of Surrogacy – Visit Georgia

For intended couples from across the world, where surrogacy is not legal, all doors and opportunities are not closed for them to conceive a baby.

Georgia is a nation where surrogacy is legal and intended parents can fulfill their wishes to become the parent of a healthy baby – a child who will get their name even immediately after birth.

Legal documents are signed that keep rights of both the intended parents and the surrogate protected. This contract includes – no contact will be made after giving birth to a child.

The baby will get the name of the parents – immediately after birth.

Surrogacy – Done in Different Ways

Like in other countries, in Georgia also, different types of surrogacy arrangements are being practiced legally.

Traditional Surrogacy – It entails unnaturally inseminating the surrogate’s egg with the donor or intended father’s sperm.

Gestational Surrogacy – a process to carry a baby – conceived through fertilizing the egg of the intended mother/donor with the sperm of the intended father/donor.

Altruistic Surrogacy – It is different from commercial surrogacy (in which the surrogate receives financial rewards for pregnancy). In an altruistic surrogacy, no financial rewards are received by a surrogate for pregnancy – except for necessary medical expenses.

Find a Renowned Surrogacy Centre in Georgia to Make Your Dream Come True

There are several renowned surrogacy centers in Georgia offering you complete packages for surrogacy to become a parent of a healthy baby. You have to find the right one and know about the legal formalities to complete and clear all issues – related to surrogacy.

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