Do you need a Surrogacy consultation before making the decision?

Surrogacy Consultation Guidelines

In surrogacy, the intended parents and the gestational carrier are the two primary clients.

Each of the clients has their concerns, planning, and perspectives.

The transformative arrangement is the utmost need for both parties to reduce the complexity after the commencement of the procedure.

Both the involved parties can get the necessary education, valuable and thoughtful guidance through consultation related to surrogacy.

Surrogacy consultant

They can clarify their doubts during the consultation and understand every aspect of surrogacy such as role, expectations, and possible outcomes for each involved party.

Consultation before participation in the surrogacy program always plays an important role in any medical treatment commencement. 

The requirement of Preconception consultation

In gestation surrogacy, standard practice guideline recommends psychological counseling for a surrogate to draw a generalized view of the whole process and also helps to assess her psychology to participating in the surrogacy program.

During the consultation, the surrogate can draw the purpose of participation and also provides the required information to educate them.

This can help the surrogate in decision making to continue or reject her participation. 

 The counselor tries to understand the personality of the surrogate during the consultation through psychological testing.

The identification of potential behavioral problems can reduce the chance of intermediate obstructions.

Fertility consultation

An expert fertility counselor conducts the fertility consultation.

Separate meetings are fixed with intended parents and gestational carriers for psychological assessment.

After the individual sessions, a group session is fixed for both the intended parents and gestational carrier for a final decision.

The purpose and attainment of conducting every session are important to chalk out the plan and navigation to proceed family-building process through surrogacy.

During surrogacy counseling, the counselor provides education about the IVF protocols and other liabilities associated with pregnancy.

It is essential to inform gestational carriers about the potential risk of multiple pregnancies, Caesarean delivery, bed rest, hospitalization, termination of pregnancy, and neonatal death.

During counseling, it can be easy to understand the cultural and religious environment and belief systems of a potential gestational carrier.

This will help to understand future repercussions and how to deal with unpleasant situations, such as pregnancy termination and multi-fetal pregnancy reduction.

Surrogacy involves many stressful situations.

Relinquish the child is one of the emotional steps for the gestational carrier, but the positive purpose of this can motivate her to overcome this.

However, the chances of a negative impact on her mental and physical health due to emotional stress and prescribed medication cannot be ignored.

Therefore, the surrogacy consultation helps in fair inform consenting of the gestation carrier. The gestation carrier’s perception has assessed during the consultation. 

Other aspects like motivation, intellectual competency, social and family relationships, support system, problem resolving techniques, and ability to take care of own health of surrogate are also assessed during the consultation to avoid any discrepancy after the commencement of the medical treatment.

What expected assessment questions ask during the consultation?

The assessment questions are not the same for every case. The selection of questions is usually based on the following conditions:

  • A gestational carrier is known to the intended parents or not
  • The agreed type of contract means altruistic surrogacy or fee-based surrogacy. 

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