Future of Surrogacy

Surrogacy has traveled a long journey after getting recognition in medical science as an infertility solution. A noticeable improvement in the surrogacy process has taken place in the last decade. Media coverage has enlightened general awareness and public opinion gradually changing after listening and watching the positive results and joyous stories. The surrogacy-related exploitation and events of unsafe procedures have steadily been resolved now. Surrogacy agencies celebrate the success of accomplishment of the dreams of thousands of couples by offering them opportunities to enjoy parenthood. It is an obvious question of what we can expect from surrogacy in the future. 

Future of Surrogacy

In current days, prospective parents take all the possible chances to build their family. Across the globe, many such prospective parents opt for surrogacy and show their dedication and compassion to their child born through surrogacy. However, prospective parents struggle a lot to get this fortune because many countries have banned surrogacy for foreigners. These prospective parents may be unable to continue surrogacy in their countries due to higher expenses. Therefore, in the future, the surrogate-friendly world needs favorable laws and regulations along with expense control. 

Recent Future of Surrogacy

The following are different prospects for surrogacy in the near future. 

Altruistic Surrogacy

A few countries recently allowed only Altruistic surrogacy to fulfill the needs of prospective parents. However, Altruistic surrogacy has its drawbacks. In this surrogacy, the agreement surrogate is bound to relinquish the child to the intended parents after giving birth, however, no compensation is payable to the surrogate for her service. The UK, Canada, and Australia have permitted Altruistic surrogacy. Medical expenses are only reimbursed to the surrogate mother. However many intended parents are unable to avail of the service in these countries because of the complexity of the process and the long waiting period. Therefore, both surrogate and intended parents had often been dissatisfied and traveled to somewhere else to accomplish their dreams in the recent past. 

Cross-border Surrogacy

Cross broader surrogacy program is an opportunity for intended parents to visit a surrogate-friendly country to hire a surrogate from a different nation to carry their child. In the surrogacy agreement, prospective parents obtained sufficient protection for their parenthood in an affordable compensation to surrogate mothers. Intended parents who have opted for cross-broader surrogacy programs experienced a significant waiting time reduction at an affordable price. This allows surrogates to receive compensation for their time and effort. 

Surrogacy Abroad

Surrogacy abroad becomes a popular venture for intended parents who live in countries where fewer surrogate-friendly laws are permitted. Countries like Ukraine and Greece have relatively surrogacy-friendly countries where the right of intended parents has been protected along with taking care of the surrogate mother’s needs. Countries where foreigners can pursue surrogacy provide the prospect for the economy of the country. Ukraine is one such country where surrogacy practice is booming bringing economic gain as well as medical advancements. 

Expectations from Surrogacy in the Future

We hope acceptance of surrogacy practices helps to expand the industry in the near future. Currently, surrogacy practice is limited to celebrities and high-profile births. The current infertility burden indicates surrogacy practice should be considered as a mainstream medical treatment. However, it can be possible in the future by establishing more open-minded societies and well-regulated laws and regulations that support both prospective parents and surrogates.

Surrogacy is not only an infertility treatment that helps to bring lives, but it is a breakthrough in medical technology that takes part in advancing medical science. Involvement of surrogacy with cryogenics and stem-cell research improves infertility and genetic disorder treatment procedures. In the future surrogacy industry will generate revenue in both medical and travel and tourist departments. An efficient workforce of medical staff, legal consultants, and administrative supervisors is required in the future to support the growth of the surrogacy industry. We can conclude surrogacy industry will flourish more in the future because nothing is more joyous than the grace of a child in a family, the future of surrogacy can offer everyone a wealth of opportunities if given the chance.

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