Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy: Which one is the best?

One of the best decisions made by childless couples/intended couples after failure in natural methods of pregnancy to IVF procedure is considering surrogacy services in Georgia. This destination is ideal because of easy surrogacy laws, easy availability of surrogate mothers, professional embryologist, IVF specialists, and infertility treatment providers.

As far as surrogacy is concerned, it is one of the best and medically approved processes of carrying the pregnancy through IVF, embryo, egg donation or sperm donation. Surrogacy is the last hope of having a baby of your own whom you will be biological father/mother in case of failed infertility treatments or etc.

Surrogacy services in Georgia are divided into gestational and traditional surrogacy services. Before you reach the right surrogacy center in Georgia, it is important to understand the difference between gestational and traditional surrogacy.

Gestational Surrogacy – What Is It?

Gestational surrogacy or partial surrogacy and sometimes called as host surrogacy is the most common process of pregnancy, in which the surrogate or gestational carrier is not biologically related to the baby. The embryo is created in supervision and observation of embryologist through IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization by using the intended mother’s or donor’s eggs and intended father or donor’s sperm.

Through a process in the laboratory, an embryo is developed and transferred in the surrogate’s uterus at the fertility clinic or a surrogacy center where such services are offered. This type of surrogacy is gaining momentum day after day in Georgia because of the easy availability of surrogate mothers. A contract is signed between intended parents and surrogate mother in the presence and witnessing of surrogacy center owners to ensure that no relationship claim will be made in future.

Traditional Surrogacy – Essential to Know about It?

Traditional surrogacy is also important to understand in which surrogate works as the egg donor and biological mother of the baby by carrying the pregnancy to give him/her birth. In this type of surrogacy, an embryo is developed through the sperms of intended father and through Intrauterine Insemination or IUI.

It is also called as genetic surrogacy or full surrogacy. In some countries, intended parents prefer this type of surrogacy. Expenses are also lower because intended couples have to pay for travel expenses, surrogacy process, and accommodation. However, it is also important to note that this type of process can be more complicated legally and emotionally.

What are the differences between Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy?

Biological connection is all that makes the difference between traditional and gestational surrogacy. Before making the final decision to getting such services for a child, it is important to reach the right IVF or surrogacy center where such services are offered.

You should also keep some points in mind like medical process, legal process, cost, time, accommodation and security of a successful process.

For this, you should choose the right surrogacy center very carefully. Don’t forget to go through the terms and conditions before signing the contract.

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