How surrogacy industry might get affected of this new omicron covid-19 variant?

Every virus has a natural capacity to change their structure and function as they continuously evolve through modification of gene that is termed mutations.

Thus, a new variant of virus formed with significant or insignificant different properties.

Virulence of the mutated virus may be more or less potent than the original virus.

Alpha and Delta variants were the two initial variants of SARS COV-2 and were responsible for the initial two waves.

OMICRON is the most recent mutated variant of the COVID-19. 

No one has much detailed knowledge of this variant yet.

Some are expected OMICRON is more dangerous than previous variants.

But, how this variant can cause any dangerous complications like pneumonia or others are unknown yet.

Medical experts and Government officials stated that the general population has the responsibility to protect themselves by obeying COVID guidelines declared by the state and central governments till the correct picture of this variant does not discover.

Completion of vaccination courses is an essential requirement.

A booster dose of the vaccine may also start to give a safeguard from the adverse effects.

Different speculations are coming-up, though the efficacy of vaccination against OMICRON is yet unsure.

Surrogate mother

Research studies are ongoing.

ZyCoV-D vaccine is a needle-free vaccine that has been tested on 12+ age groups and soon will be marketed.

Although seasonal change can cause flu, it is highly recommended that any viral respiratory infection requires medical treatment.  

The national surrogacy industry, especially in India is growing during COVID-19.

Many women have started an inquiry to know about surrogacy as they want to become a surrogate mothers.

A report stated that losing a job or debenture in business during a pandemic brings a monetary crunch that influences many women to join the surrogacy industry to support their families. 

But international surrogacy industry becomes hampered because of travel restrictions during the COVID pandemic.

But many countries have withdrawn travel restrictions in the mid of 2021.

Identification of new OMICRON generates travel restrictions not only cross-broader but also interstate. 

Moreover, hospitals and other healthcare set-ups are getting ready to handle a large number of patients to control the emergency.

Surrogacy comes under elective medical procedures.

In this condition, the government may decide to stop elective medical procedures during this tenure. 

Yet now no vaccination is available for children to protect themselves from any of the COVID-19 variants including OMICRON.

Intended parents may not take the risk to pursue surrogacy in this situation. 

The surrogacy industry also has pressure to smooth the relinquishment of the born child through surrogacy to their intended parents.

Many intended parents were unable to visit the hospital at the time of childbirth during the pandemic because of travel restrictions.

This also delays many associated essential legal activities.

Therefore, the same situation can again arrive due to the onset of OMICRON.

The fast transmission ability of Omicron has already arrived in 38 countries in the world.

The rate of infection is also high, though the severity of the condition is not yet discovered.

All these uncertainties might cause the downfall of the surrogacy industry.

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