How to determine the best surrogacy center to start with?

Couples who are seeking surrogacy services may traditional or gestational need to closely work with surrogacy center for successful completion of the process. Surrogacy involves different safety concerns. Both intended parents and surrogate mothers need to be comfortable with all the processes involve in the surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy centers primarily help intended parents to accustom to the surrogacy process so that when they visit the clinic they have the awareness of the procedure.

Surrogacy center acts as a bridge between intended parents and all the essentials need to perform a successful surrogacy technique.

Contacting and hiring services from the surrogacy center helps intended parents in terms of right matching with surrogate, appropriate selection of clinic facility according to the intended parent’s medical requirement, surrogate screening, all the involved legal activities, after the birth of the child all the legal formalities. 

Surrogacy medical experts from the surrogacy center counsel the intended parents about the concept of the surrogacy process.

What services do surrogacy centers offer to intended parents?

Surrogacy centers have connections with fertility clinics that have the facilities to perform surrogacy. Intended parents’ physical checkups and requirements of surrogacy are reconfirmed by the expert medical professionals of the fertility clinic. Besides, the medical professional of the surrogacy center is briefing the whole medical process involved in the surrogacy journey depending upon the intended parents’ preference (traditional or gestational) and physical condition (additional requirement of the egg donor, sperm donor, or both).

Good Match

On the agreement of the intended parents, surrogacy centers start the good match of surrogates depending upon the requirement of the intended parents. In some cases, supportive services like gamete donors are required to precede the medical process. In such cases, matching of gamete donor/s in terms of racial specification, height, eye color, hair color, etc. is also a tedious job. Surrogacy center has these extended facilities also. 

Medical support

  • Surrogacy involves step by step medical process. Surrogacy center has to support all the medical steps including early medical screening of surrogate and gamete donor/s. In collaboration with the fertility clinic, the surrogate center needs to channelize the gamete retrieval and IVF process.
  • The gamete retrieval and IVF process are complicated and need coordination with both gamete donor and surrogate mother. Intended parents also feel stress during the process. Surrogacy center should facilitate all the coordination successfully so that no hassle creates during the procedure.
  • The success of the treatment can be estimated by pregnancy testing of the surrogate. Surrogacy center must take responsibility to coordinate the pregnancy testing outcome with all the involved parties. Surrogacy center staff should maintain the communication with surrogate during the gestational period after a positive outcome of the pregnancy test and reassure she is attaining all the precautionary measures and follow up visit with the clinic to maintain the healthy pregnancy.
  • After childbirth, the surrogacy center takes responsibility for the official relinquishing process of the newborn to the intended parents, like issuing the birth certificate, visa permission, documentation for citizenship, etc.

Why do intended parents need to search for the best surrogacy center?

Searching for a surrogacy clinic is a crucial step to get a successful treatment outcome. Usually, intended parents do not have previous experience with surrogacy journeys. In such cases, hiring a surrogacy agency provides great relaxation. Although the expense is increasing, overall satisfaction is most important for this lifetime experience. Intended parents are often emotionally stressed in this phase of life. One wrong step not only increases the cost but involves lots of emotional pain that need to be bear for life long.

The advantage of working with the best surrogacy center gives a secure feeling of the surrogacy journey. Best surrogacy centers have a connection with a fertility clinic, gamete bank, embryo donation, and legal professionals. Therefore, intended parents can get all the required services in one stop. However, intended parents need to research the reputation of the center and the available services of the center. Intended parents never feel hesitant to ask the surrogacy center for recommendations to get started.

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