If a couple has no problem in conceiving or carrying a pregnancy can they still opt for surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an expensive medical process along with emotional stress. Therefore, couples who have chosen surrogacy usually have some serious reproductive health issues and failed multiple attempts or unsuccessful outcome from other possible fertility treatments to carry their biological child usually opt for surrogacy service.

In most cases, surrogacy is always the last option couples have chosen to build their family.

surrogacy for fertile

Although opting for surrogacy has some myths, like women who do not want to carry their children to maintain their figure can also opt for surrogacy, no truth is found in such myths. Every woman including celebrities also manages temporary weight gain during pregnancy and enjoys their gestation.

In most of the couples give primary priority to building their family. Therefore, it is the very least chance to seek surrogacy service, if a couple has no problem conceiving and carrying a pregnancy. 

But time has changed, many women are selecting surrogacy over natural birth, especially those who are working in corporate jobs and leadership roles.

The number of women in the country’s workforce and leadership roles is increasing day by day. In 2019, Grant Thornton’s report published under the heading ‘Women in Business’ reported that  29% of women played senior management roles, which was significantly higher in comparison to 2018, i.e. 24%.

But climbing on this corporate ladder for women is considerably more challenging than for a man. Women felt that they needed to work harder to achieve recognition in the professional field compared with their male partners. Therefore, family building is an additional challenge for a female.

Although some organizations offer support during pregnancy and for mothers having small kids, this discrimination hampers their professional growth. It is quite common, for promotions for which a woman is trying for a long kept on hold during pregnancy. In general, women would prioritize their families and let their careers take a backseat.

‘Social surrogacy’ is a new normal which is rising. Many mothers choose surrogacy voluntarily for not carrying their children by themselves because they do not want to take any pause to their carrier or ruin their bodies. In such cases, surrogacy is assistance made by a woman who helps another woman by carrying her child.

Both surrogate and intended mothers take this from a positive angle and enjoy the win-win situation. But every country has its surrogacy legislation and couples need to know the country-specific regulation before opting for voluntary surrogacy.


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