Is it possible to ship sperm and eggs to Georgia for Surrogacy without visiting the agency?

In Georgia, both altruistic and commercial surrogacy arrangements are legally accepted.

Long distance surrogacy

Although there is efficient surrogacy laws in Georgia, to regulate legal process ethically followed in Georgia to regulates the surrogacy process.

The surrogacy laws in Georgia protect both side from surrogate mother to intended parents.

A surrogacy process or surrogacy arrangement is the carrying of a pregnancy for intended parents.

Shipping of sperm and/or eggs is possible only after cryo-preserve them.

Then, some international courier services are available who take the responsibility for safe transportation from one clinic to the other.

Also take care of required documentation for transportation on behalf of intended parents.

Heterosexual couples in Georgia can perform IVF with their sperm.

Georgian egg donor selected by photo with embryo transfer to Georgian surrogate mother.

The cost of shipping eggs and sperm varies depending upon the distance from the agency to the allotted clinic. 

Following are some aspects to consider for international shipping of sperm, eggs, or embryos: 

• The laws and guidelines in the countries the material is being sent from or transported to

• The possible danger of harm to the sperm, or eggs in case shipment is postponed

• The time it takes to arrange delivery, and potential deferrals given the interruption of Covid on international air travel

• Clinic destination

• Costs

Steps included

1. Book a consultation with one of the specialists to go through what might be involved in your conditions.

2. Contact the vehicle facilitator by filling in the web-based shipping form of the selected courier service.

How are my gametes delivered? Dry delivery at – 196°C 

Once sperm, eggs, or embryo are frozen, they are stored in fluid nitrogen tanks at – 196°C.

Since it is dangerous to go with fluid nitrogen in a liquid state, sperm, eggs, or embryo are moved in dry transporters.

The dry transporter is prepared with fluid nitrogen, which gets absorbed into foam inside the transporter.

Vapor is then steadily delivered to keep the temperature at – 196°C.

Possible harm – Recommended dispatches to utilize and guarantee No X-Ray during travel 

The transporter holds sufficient fluid nitrogen to keep up with the low temperature for around 10-15 days.

Transporters are strong yet can lose their fluid nitrogen if harmed or spilled.

Some delivering organizations have an individual go with the transporter all through the excursion to guarantee there are no deferrals or harm.

While others utilize unaccompanied transporters.

Fertility Associates likes to trade/import frozen material globally with an individual dispatch to go with the shipment.

Notwithstanding, with the current boundary closures that aren’t generally imaginable. Some organizations offer this assistance.

You should pick the transportation organization you like, and they will charge you independently for their services.

Significantly, the shipment isn’t X-Rayed during travel as this could harm the DNA inside the gametes/incipient organisms.

Interesting points while choosing a transportation organization are: 

Whether the organization tracks the temperature inside the dry transporter

How they track the dry transporter, for example by GPS following, if the transporter gets offloaded or late

Ease of correspondence with the transportation organization and its representatives


Their experience with taking care of and transporting sperm, and eggs

Laws and guidelines

Selection of sex through selecting embryos or gametes is not allowed in most of the countries including Georgia.

Therefore, gametes that have been engaged with sex determination do not transport nationally and internationally.  

Other nations have their requirements, some very severe or explicit.

We will speak with your holding/getting center to guarantee these loads of requirements are met.

Because transporting sperm, eggs or embryos can be perplexing.

One of the initial steps is a discussion with a Fertility Associates specialist to go over the dangers and issues that might apply to your circumstance.

For certain individuals, their bringing in or sending out of sperm, eggs, or undeveloped organisms should be endorsed by Fertility Associate’s Medical Directors.


There are many strides to take before material can be delivered, like examining archives and meeting the necessities of every center.

Anticipate that shipment should require no less than two months to sort out and execute.


Moving gametes or undeveloped organisms for fertility treatment is more expensive than shipping individuals.

The general expenses for global delivery incorporate a few parts:

Doctor consultation

  • Initial coordination of global shipping.
  • Additional delivering coordination expense for nations that have specific administrative necessities or where donation is involved.
  • Shipping service costs relying upon the organization, objective, and climate went with.
  • Overseas Administration


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