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If a couple is unable to have a child in one year with having unprotected sex, it may be due to some possible fertility issues and they need immediate consultation with a fertility specialist and you can also consult our Surrogacy Centre & Infertility Clinic Georgia. It is necessary to undertake many tests and physical examinations for both partners to recognize the real problem which is preventing them from being parents.

We are an Infertility clinic in Georgia that is equipped with advanced modern facilities to provide accuracy in tests. By using advanced technology and the latest medical solutions, the infertility centres of Georgia are the leader in providing the joy of happiness to couples by making them parents.

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It is usual to perform tests for infertility diseases when a couple facing difficulties in having a baby, like sperm deficient sperm production, infections, ejaculatory dysfunctions, and other disorders. Most of the disease needs to be cured with common treatment as infection can be cured using antibiotics or small surgeries in the case of Varicocele for which our infertility clinic in Georgia is well equipped to provide the best solutions.

Women’s infertility disease can be a polycystic ovarian disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterus fibroids, endometriosis, immunological infertility, pelvic adhesions, and many more. Most of the cases of infertility issues in women can be cured like men (surgery or medicine).

If in the reproduction process the role of a man in producing healthy sperm then it is necessary for a woman to have good health because here it is expected that she will provide a healthy environment to develop.

Usual women with healthy eggs face miscarriage may be due to a disorder in the uterus or fallopian tube. And usually, such problems can be cured by using a proper treatment which is also available in our clinic in Georgia. Our Infertility clinic in Georgia offers world-class quality infertility treatments. And the good news is infertility treatment cost with us is comparatively low than other developed countries.

Infertility treatments include Intrauterine insemination, semen bank, IVF or test tube bay, Egg pick up and embryo transfer, Egg pickup, and embryo transfer, laser-assisted hatching, egg donation, egg sharing, cryopreservation as well as surrogacy. The general problem with women is carrying the baby in the uterus while having healthy eggs. In such conditions, a transfer of their own fertilized egg or embryo can be done in a healthy woman. In Georgia, our center offers surrogacy as a treatment option. In most cases usually, there is a big role in our surrogacy center and our infertility clinic in Georgia.

Surrogacy is a regular practice for our center to achieve success where chances are very little with other treatments. It is easiest to become a surrogate for a woman with a healthy uterus, if you are unable to locate a surrogate mother and/or an egg donor then don’t worry you will get full help and support from our surrogacy center and our infertility centers of Georgia.

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