Surrogacy planning for busy professionals

Surrogacy planning is a huge task that involves a number of legal, medical, and procedural requirements.

Surrogacy planning for busy professionals

All these activities require lots of time to communicate, coordinate with professionals and surrogate mothers.

Following are some activities one need to do during surrogacy planning:

  • Finding a surrogacy attorney and negotiating a contract in accordance with state laws.
  • Finding a fertility clinic.
  • Coordinating with those professionals, as well as with the hospital where selected surrogate plans to deliver.
  • Managing relationship with the surrogate, including talking about and handling finances.
  • Handling health insurance for oneself, surrogate and delivering children.
  • Finding appropriate counseling services for intended parents and surrogate.

Busy professionals who want to plan for surrogacy are often stuck due to time crunch to manage the whole journey.

In such conditions, the surrogacy agency is the one-stop solution for them.

What are Surrogacy Agencies?

Surrogacy Agencies are also known as surrogacy groups, centers, programs, or companies.

Surrogacy Agencies coordinate all the facilities that intended parents and surrogates want to complete the procedure, so they’re appreciated as a one-stop solution and one of the safest and least hectic ways to traverse a multifaceted journey.

While every agency will deal with diverse services, most will provide:

  • Matching services to help intended parents connect with a surrogate that suits the individual requirement
    Screening services to let intended parents know that their surrogate partner is safe, healthy, and ready.
  • Counseling services for intended parents and surrogates to support the emotions intended parents may encounter and help them mediate surrogate partnership as needed.
  • Recommendations to required third-party professionals, such as lawyers and fertility clinics.
  • Professional coordination services so intended parents don’t have to pay attention to every detail
    And so on.

Surrogacy agency finding procedure

When looking for a surrogacy agency, it is always advisable to do a lot of research.

This entity will guide intended parents through the most important decisions in their life, so make sure intended parents know their wishes and needs when choosing the right option for them.

A quick online search can return results across agencies in the intended parents’ state and between agencies operating nationwide.

It may be a good idea to list them and then talk/try each of the client’s narrow options to find the one that suits best.

After all, intended parents will work with this group for a year or more to create one in which they will feel comfortable and at ease.

  • Guide intended parents through every step of the process, including help with health insurance administration, paperwork, financial management, and more.
  • Agency can help find a surrogate that matches with intended parents’ requirements.
  • Agency screen all prospective surrogates for intended parents.
  • Agency can help you complete the process even if intended parents already have matched future surrogates.
  • Agency can refer intended parents to trusted attorneys and clinics that intended parents will need to handle the medical and legal steps.
  • Agency will coordinate with those professionals so that intended parents only need to have one primary point of contact.
  • Agency provides counseling to intended parents and surrogates, as well as match mediation.


  • Hiring a surrogacy agency is a more costly venture than doing every step individually.
  • Intended parents have less personal control over the screening and selection of surrogates.

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