Why Georgia, Europe for surrogacy?

Compensated surrogacy is legally accepted in Georgia since 1997. Georgian law declared that the surrogate mother does not have any right over the delivered child. Georgian law allows surrogacy only for intended parents who are legally married and heterosexual.

It has the advantage of opting for surrogacy from Tbilisi clinics because intended parents will be the legal parents of the delivered child even after the child is delivered from the surrogate mother’s womb.

Gestational Carrier Agreement mentioned that the compensatory amount agreed between client and surrogate along with other terms and conditions including the legal rights of the client.

The agreement should be duly signed by both intended parents and surrogates before the conduction of the local notary. Therefore, the scope of any mischief is negligible.

Parent holding a pair of kids shoe. Surrogacy in Georgia for parenthood.

Surrogacy baby’s Birth certificate

The birth certificate will be issued within one day after the delivery of the child and the intended parents’ names are registered in the birth certificate of the delivered child.

The birth certificate does not mention anywhere the surrogate mother’s name, even need not take any consent from the surrogate mother for registration of the infertile couple as parents.

Therefore, there is no birth certificate-related difference obtained between a normally delivered child and surrogated childbirth. The couples need to fulfill the following requirements for registered as parents:

  • Surrogacy Agreement
  • A medical certificate was issued by the IVF clinic, where it has been mentioned that the embryo transfer to the uterus of the surrogate mother
  • A certificate issued by a maternity hospital, which mentions the fact of childbirth.

The simple process has been followed to issue the birth certificate and does not require any involvement of a lawyer. After issuance of the childbirth certificate, parents have received the right to move their country along with their child at any time. This hassle-free, immediate service also provides huge satisfaction to the clients.

IVF in the Georgian Surrogacy process

Depending upon the “On Health Protection” law, Georgian country allows extracorporeal fertilization (IVF) in the following circumstances, however, the intended parents’ consent is mandatory:

  1. To treat infertility and also to minimize the risk of genetic disease transmission from a male or female member of a couple by using sex cells or an embryo of the couple or a donor.
  2. A woman without a uterus is unable to bear a child so a surrogate mother to be hired for the development of an embryo in her womb. In this process, the artificially fertilized embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb for further growth.

Georgian Surrogate mothers

In Georgia, most of the surrogates have a lower-middle-class background, but usually have proper employment, modern amenities, and a hygienic residential atmosphere. Artificial fertilization requires oocytes and sperm from female and male reproductive organs.

In some cases, the cryopreservation technique is applied to conserve the embryo for future use. The duration of the conservation period depends upon the process and scheme selected by the couple. 

Medical professionals prefer to transfer only one embryo to the surrogate’s womb. But if the couple demands a twin baby and the surrogate does not have any objection and is also physically capable to bear two embryones at a time and, then an IVF clinician can implant two embryones into the surrogate mother’s womb.

Tbilisi, Georgian Surrogacy Cost

Georgian(Europe not united states) surrogacy program has different surrogacy packages depending upon the cost, which include basic egg donor package, guaranteed baby package, etc. In some surrogacy clinics recently launched a bank for Asian Egg Donors who can take a trip to Georgia or any other surrogacy destinations associated with those organizations.


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