How surrogate mother can find out genuine intended parents?

This is a very common query for women who want to be a surrogate that how they can find out the genuine intended parents to serve their purpose.

In this aspect, the surrogacy agency plays a major role.

The surrogacy agency acts as a supportive pillar for both intended parents and surrogates.

Intended parents hoping for new born baby through surrogacy.

Surrogates can only find out genuinely intended parents through reliable surrogacy agencies.

The reliable surrogacy agency has unbiased, pre-authorized terms and conditions for the surrogates and also for intended parents, which does not change from client to client.

It is always suggested that surrogates should directly contact these agencies. Surrogates should not contact any private agents who may misguide them.

The reliable surrogacy agency has prepared a legal agreement before starting any medical intervention.

Before commencing the surrogacy, the surrogate has the right to know every point mentioned in the agreement to avoid any violation.  

Surrogacy is a lengthy process because matchmaking is a big factor.

Surrogates should also get enough space to choose their intended parents by directly meeting them.

Surrogate should directly meet with the intended parents and converse with each other before starting the medical procedure.

This helps the surrogate to convince herself about the genuineness of the intended parents.

Surrogate should take information about the ante-natal and post-natal care, as mostly intended patients are more concerned about ante-natal care for the well-being of the unborn child.

However, a surrogacy agency should have some proper clinical guidelines for the post-natal care of the surrogate.

Usually, intended parents who are associated with authentic surrogacy agencies also care for surrogates even after the child’s delivery.

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Reviewing research about the surrogacy agency in which they want to associate is a must before the selection of a surrogacy agency for obtaining genuinely intended parents.

Surrogate should know about the following points:

  • There should not be any complaint report about the surrogacy agency.
  • What are responsibilities are taking care of by the surrogacy agency concerning the surrogate’s perspectives?
  • In the case of commercial surrogacy, the surrogate should know the payment details means how she receives the payment, like before starting of clinical process, after she got successfully pregnant, after delivery of the child, after relinquishing the child.
  • Surrogate should aware of the steps in case of miscarriage, or genetically ill-health fetus growth.  

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