Risk and Complications Associated with Surrogate Mothers

Surrogacy is mostly considered the safest option for people who want to have babies. There are cases when the original mother faces health problems that may get elevated during the time of pregnancy and/or childbirth or are physically unable to do so. Sometimes even male problems like poor sperm count or quality can affect pregnancy. Surrogacy allows couples to have children who are not in any danger of health issues.

Married couples face a few issues when it comes to raising children while a mother faces a lot of issues with her body when she is pregnant which may prevent the couple from having children when it comes to a surrogate mother which is a much more complicated process than a normal pregnancy.

Surrogacy comes as something of a boon for them. Surrogacy is the process of using a third person(female) to carry a couple’s child if the original mother is unable to do so due to some reason or the other. But for these surrogate mothers are a basic need. People generally are not aware that how to become a surrogate mother and what is the procedure actually attached to it.

The decision of being a Surrogate mother

Becoming a surrogate is not a decision that is made when one has not done a good self-evaluation. It is a decision that needs not be taken in a hurry. It is a decision that you will keep remembering for the rest of your life, or as long as you see the person you will give birth to.

When you are a surrogate mum, you must realize that there are things that will be going around your mind. You will have to know that you do not only have a contract that lasts for a few months.

You have got to know that you are in for a life issue. That needs to be handled with extreme care. You must know the procedure to be a surrogate mother and must make up your mind for the assignment.

It is necessary to answer the following questions before signing up to be a surrogate:

  1. Where am I carrying a child of another couple? Is it money, fame, concern, or hobby?
  2. Am I psychologically prepared to know that it will never be my baby?
  3. Do I feel obliged to do it?
  4. Do I love to exercise?
  5. Will I fulfill the requirements of the contract?
  6. Have I involved others in the decision?
  7. Do I know what I am getting to?

After getting answers to the above questions, you can now go ahead being pretty sure that you are quite aware of what you are doing. You will, therefore, need to go to the market to sell yourself as a surrogate. But along with this, there are several issues associated with it. Lots of problems are there that a surrogate mother has to face while carrying out this procedure.

The various opinions and views on surrogate motherhood are very numerous just like those regarding abortion are. Every person has personal ideas and views of the ethical and social problems that are connected to surrogate motherhood.

surrogate motherhood complications and risks

Surrogate motherhood Risks and complications

  • Not everybody is convinced that it is moral to rent your body. Some would suggest that renting your body in order to have a baby is the same thing as renting the body for sex. You receive money from somebody that uses your body. On the other hand, the pro-surrogates might state that this is an incorrect comparison, because prostitution is dirty, and having a baby in order to help a woman who can’t is a truly pure thing.
  • Another issue is what a mother says to a child about his or her birth. Some people state that being born from a woman distinct from the mother can dazzle a child and it may cause emotional problems as an adult. The pro-surrogates state that there are numerous stories of children that were carried for nine months by surrogate mothers who are doing just fine. It is a simple thing to explain to the child. The parents couldn’t have children so they took every fraction of the child from the natural parents and put it in a stranger’s belly to be born.
  • The surrogate mother may sometimes refuse to give the child to the natural parents. Previous to gestational surrogating, artificial insemination of sperm was the only way the surrogate mother was inseminated. In some cases, the surrogate mother developed a strong attachment to the baby and refused to give it upon birth. In some of these situations, the surrogate mothers won the case because they were the biological mothers. The critics of surrogate motherhood state it’s a hard task for a woman to go through the pregnancy and then have heartbroken when the child is taken away from her. The pro surrogates state on the other hand that a woman needs to accept and understand this beforehand enjoying the blessing of pregnancy.
  • Society has various thoughts about surrogate mothers. A woman that is having someone else’s baby makes some people cautious. Some of them think it is not the right thing to do. Everyone’s opinion should be respected, but a surrogate mother does not have to be condemned by society.
  • When the commissioning couples visit other countries to realize their dreams of parenthood by having a biological baby, they need to fight a long legal battle by crossing the language and cultural barrier to get their baby. Even if everything goes well with the commissioning couples, they need to stay at least two to three months to complete the required formalities after the birth of a newborn.

While the intended couples face all these difficulties, surrogate mothers have another set of problems. The things with the surrogate mothers are even worse and unethical. If the substitutes are selected from a rural background, the middlemen exploit them constantly. Sometimes, these ladies even don’t get complete compensation paid by the intended parents.

In conclusion, we can say that, if a woman desires to be a surrogate then she needs the know-how to become a surrogate mother,

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