Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Kamani and Zeenia Kamani | Surrogacy testimonial

Mr. Bobby Kamani with his wife Zeenia Kamani welcomed their twin babies– Zoran and Zara via surrogacy in Tiblisi, Georgia.

Mr. Bobby Kamani is the Director at Zuri Group Global and a business leader in the hotel industry that spans Kenya, the UK, and India.

Their surrogacy journey was a quite an overwhelming experience for them and they really feel grateful to God that everything has gone well and are amazed by the miracles of science. They are thankful to Dr. Nayana Patel for her guidance throughout their surrogacy journey.

In the beginning, Mr. Kamani had a fear of how a surrogate mother will be treated but once he interacted with Mr. Ravi Sharma and as their surrogacy journey progressed they realize that surrogate mothers are well taken care of and are being treated like a family by ARTbaby team.

Mr. Kamani expresses his gratitude to everyone involved in this process including Dr. Nayana Patel, Mr. Ravi Sharma, and ARTbaby Georgia team. Also appreciating the surrogate mother for acting as an Angel.

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