How to enjoy your Surrogacy Journey?

Surrogacy is not an easy task as it involves lots of commitment along with physical and mental exhaustion related to pregnancy. Wholehearted participation of both surrogate and intended parents make the surrogacy journey enjoyable. Usually, it has been seen that women who serve as a surrogate usually love to help others in building their family, while intended parents also involve in the whole process to support the surrogate to complete the gestational period successfully. 

Enjoying Surrogacy journey

In the surrogacy journey, surrogates must not ignore the ramifications associated with carrying a child for others. A woman who experiences the first time in a surrogacy journey may feel some nervousness. However, every surrogate has different feelings during the surrogacy journey. But it is always better to understand the requirements to become a surrogate. For this, surrogacy woman needs to contact with a surrogacy agency to get a proper idea about the surrogacy journey.

The possibility of failure of first embryo implantation cannot be ignored. In such a situation, surrogates and intended parents both feel depressed. But this depression should not be hidden from each other. Openness and sharing of the disappointments help in faster healing. There are many examples supported that repeated embryo implantation gives successful results. But for this, both surrogate and intended parents need to move on from the failure. Similarly, sharing the joy, happiness, and excitement associated with achieving the conquering pregnancy report also need to share.

Most of the surrogates do not want emotionally attached to the child which they carry for intended parents. But creating some mementos can give happiness to both surrogate and intended parents. Maintaining a journal record of the progression of the pregnancy is a wonderful way to keep a record of the childbirth journey. This also helps to intended parents to connect with their child during the developmental phase.

After giving birth to the child, surrogates need to immediately handover to the child to the intended parents. This can create an emotional set back to both the surrogate and the child due to sudden detachment. But preparing emotional transfer during the gestational period can reduce the risk of such shock. Intended parents need to talk with their child, familiarize the child with some favorite music of intended parents and some transitional items like toys, pets which can intended parents can carry with them when they take charge of their born child are some effective ways to prepare the baby for the emotional transfer.

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Surrogate must be clear about their point of view why she become a surrogate and she must have enough mental strength to share the same with her family, friends, and relatives to avoid unnecessary stress load.

Any disorienting thought which may arise due to hormonal changes need to discuss with any trustworthy person to avoid negative thoughts. Surrogate can join with Online support groups for the surrogate and read motivational books or online surrogate blogs for coping with her emotions. Along with this, surrogates need to feel the overwhelmed emotion of the intended parents and encourage them to take part in the pregnancy journey.

Surrogates can take help from the surrogacy professional or surrogacy support team after the delivery of the child to support the emotional transfer. The strong relation builds up with intended parents also help to overcome the emotional distress of the surrogate after relinquishing the child to the intended parents. However, post-birth contact is a completely mutual understanding between intended parents and surrogates. It concludes that whichever decision you take in your life including the surrogacy journey, inner happiness, and positive thinking can make life enjoyable.     

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