How to enjoy your surrogacy process in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi of Georgia is one of the most sought-after destinations for heterosexual couples who want opting surrogacy to complete their family.

Enjoying surrogacy

The surrogacy centers in Tbilisi offer third-party reproduction as a complete package under one roof with hassle-free legal activity.

Georgia has eleven distinct regions with Tbilisi as the capital of this country.

Tbilisi is full of liveliness with a blend of multicultural activities.

Tbilisi is considered a good surrogacy destination as it provides the opportunity to obtain a large database of healthy surrogates, egg donors, frozen male and female gametes (sperms and oocytes).

All the surrogate mothers are properly taken care of by providing good comprehensive counseling by professionals.

The trained staff and specialists conduct the procedures in these world-class centers.

The surrogacy program in Tbilisi also offers easy, legal, and transparent surrogacy contracts back home.

The centers also follow standard and well-organized procedures to avoid delays and maximum waiting time for clients who come from different parts of the world.

Commercial surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia is legal, which means surrogate mothers get compensation for their services.

In addition, a Surrogate mother has no legal right to the born child.

Birth certificates are issued under the name of the intended parents and the term surrogacy is never mentioned on the birth certificate.

The intended patients need to carry all the documents to the ministry for issuing the birth certificates.

The documentation that requires obtaining the birth certificates is the surrogacy agreement, embryo transfer letter from the clinic, and delivery report, which is directly sent by the maternity hospital to the ministry.

No lawyer involvement is required during this birth certificate issuing process.

Surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia is not only conducted legally but also efficiently, ethically, and successfully.

Surrogacy service centers take care of every necessity of the client, starting from the beginning to the end of the process.

Egg donation service in Tbilisi is also conducted in a very controlled way.

Both anonymous and unanimous egg donors from Georgia can travel worldwide to deliver fresh cycles with all ethnic origins including Caucasian/ Asian/ Indian/ Black for best matching.

Egg donors also get comprehensive counseling with professionals.

Proper screening of egg donors is conducted by following the exact rules and regulations of the country before they travel or conduct shipment of the frozen oocytes.

The surrogacy service centers in Tbilisi ensure that the selected egg donors should lead a healthy lifestyle and come under the age group of 21 to 30 years with no smoking and alcohol drinking history.

Therefore, the possibility of egg fertilization is high.

The success rate is almost 80 percent.

The latest technology and treatment procedure that is applied in Tbilisi in the IVF sector and surrogacy has a good future for Assisted Reproductive Technology.   

Surrogacy procedure in Tbilisi
In Tbilisi, step by step process is followed to pursue surrogacy.

Intended parents do not face any surrogacy procedure related to uncertainty.

The intended parents directly contact surrogacy service providers in Tbilisi and discuss their requirements directly to create less confusion.

Following are the steps followed in the surrogacy procedure:

Searching for surrogacy partner:

Surrogacy service providers or intended parents can search for a suitable match for a surrogate partner.

Screening test:

A thorough medical screening test is conducted to check the physical and mental well-being of the surrogate.

After passing all the necessary screening tests, the surrogacy procedure will start.

Surrogacy contract signature: 

The lawyer made a legal contract by keeping all the necessary summits in the document.

Both intended parents and surrogates need to sign the document before starting the medical treatment.

Embryo transfer: 

The embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother’s womb after developing the embryo in the fertility clinic laboratory for further development of the offspring.

If the embryo creation process requires support from egg and sperm donors, then surrogacy service providers also provide this facility.

Establishment of parental rights: 

After confirmation of the pregnancy, surrogacy service providers help in the documentation for establishing parental rights during the third trimester of the gestation period.


Medical professionals discuss with intended parents and surrogates about the child delivery plan.

After the delivery of the child, the surrogate gets proper medical supervision.

The child is handed over to intended parents along with all the official rights of the child.

Profession support in Tbilisi
Surrogacy is a reproductive medical process.

Tbilisi has excellent surrogacy service providers with expert professionals to support the world-class facilities of both intended parents and surrogate mothers.

The fertility treatments require pursuing surrogacy including a big database of egg and sperm donors with a variety of ethnicity.

Surrogacy service centers in Tbilisi, Georgia also help to search for a suitable match of the surrogate with detailed medical and personal history for successful surrogacy.

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