Problems intended parents may face while opting for surrogacy in Georgia?

The Republic of Georgia is a prime surrogacy destination for many intended parents who are seeking cheap surrogacy services. Surrogacy agencies in Georgia offer low-cost services to intended parents that save more than $100,000 compared with the USA.  

Surrogacy problems gerogia

The overall economic situation in Georgia is low. Many Georgian women have started their journey as surrogate mothers for monetary benefits. But exploitation of surrogate mothers in Georgia is a common issue because of the lack of surrogacy regulation in this country. 

In 1992, commercial surrogacy became legal in Georgia. Moreover, in this country no limits on the number of surrogacy arrangements one can solicit. Therefore, critics often consider this as an unregulated market and gestational surrogates have little to no rights in surrogacy arrangements.

According to the legal Surrogacy regulation in Georgia, only married heterosexual couples can avail of the journey. Therefore, Surrogacy to single parents or same-sex couples is not allowed in Georgia.

Many surrogacy clinics in Georgia offer a guaranteed baby program relatively at a higher cost. But intended parents avail this program only after the sperm of a genetic father’s sperm need to be confirmed by the doctor and intended parents need to select the surrogate mother and egg donor who have been suggested by the surrogacy agency. 

The exit process of foreign couples in Georgia with a baby who has been born through surrogacy takes time from 2 weeks to 10 weeks depending upon the home country of the foreign couples.

In Georgia, the baby born through surrogacy is considered to be stateless till he/she has not received citizenship of their country. Therefore, intended parents have to depend on their country’s local embassy. Following is the rough estimated time for an exit that depends upon the specific country: 

  • US citizens two to four weeks
  • UK citizens eight to ten weeks 
  • Australian citizens five to six weeks

However, intended parents from different countries can avail surrogacy safely in Georgian territory. 

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