Surrogacy and Maternal Health

In surrogacy, an outsider is utilized as a pregnancy transporter who becomes pregnant for an expected couple. The surrogate mother, a third party, becomes pregnant knowing that she must give up all parental rights to the parents who own the fetus. Uterine absence, recurrent pregnancy loss, recurrent IVF failure, and dangerous obstetric and medical conditions that result in high-risk pregnancy are the most common indications of surrogacy.

Pregnant woman pic for Surrogacy and Maternal Health

As a result, in addition to the usual care for a pregnant woman before, during, and after the pregnancy, surrogate mothers also require special care, such as complete physical and mental health screenings, a psychological readiness assessment for accepting surrogacy and safeguarding the privacy of information about surrogacy.

The intended mother and the surrogate had a lot of communication during the pregnancy, but they often couldn’t meet each other’s expectations because they didn’t know how to talk to each other; consequently, reinforcing the relational abilities is a need for substitute and expecting moms.

Concerns about fetal attachment and how to deal with difficulties associated with surrogacy call for psychological support. They should be shielded from harm because surrogacy also has social and familial repercussions. Pregnancy health screenings and legal counseling comprise the four sections of the reproductive health care program that were developed in response to their requirements; special care from the time an embryo is transferred until the baby is born; psychological assistance; prenatal care through childbirth and postpartum follow-up care

An inter-professional team that includes obstetricians, midwives, psychologists, psychiatrists, and legal consultants who are qualified to care for surrogate mothers provides reproductive health services in this care program. Due to her clinical experience in a variety of roles, the midwife is qualified to lead this team.

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