How Green Tea And Olive Oil Can Increase IVF Success Rate?

Infertility issues are growing day by day which results in complications in conceiving a child.

Infertility can be seen both in men and women.

There are several factors that affect our fertility, but if we take the proper guidance from experts about infertility issues, we will know various things that can help us to regain our lost fertility or to improve the same.

How Green Tea And Olive Oil Can Increase IVF Success Rate? (img)

Green Tea: We all know that Green Tea is a healthy drink with various health benefits.

But it is not a well-known fact that Green Tea intake can help you to increase your fertility.

It is the best alternative to caffeine and regular tea and the regular intake of them can be dangerous for your health and also can reduce your fertility.

Green tea is the best option to which can reduce your caffeine intake, especially when you are trying for a baby, just a cup of green tea on a regular basis can be a great habit for increasing your fertility and boosting your chances to get pregnant.

I was not aware of this fact before and used to think that green tea intake can only help you in reducing weight but it can play such an important role in fertility too was something I never imagined.

I mean there are various things which we intake on, but not regularly because we are not aware of their benefits.

To be more specific, polyphenols and hypoxanthine in Green tea may improve the chances of having expedient embryos which also help in egg maturation too.

Therefore at the time of treatment of egg donation in Georgia, experts and doctors suggest Egg donors and as well as sperm donors not drink caffeine but advise them to take Green Tea on a regular basis.

Olive Oil:  Another food product that can be beneficial for increasing your chance of pregnancy normally as well as when you are undergoing IVF treatment.

The doctor advised women or surrogates to add usage of Olive oil on a regular basis.

The use of olive oil and avocado helps women to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

A study revealed an increase in the intake of olive oil regularly can even triple the chances of pregnancy for those women who follow an IVF attempt because they contain unsaturated fats which increase the chances of conceiving.

According to research done by doctors Approx 150 women undergoing IVF treatment at the center who consumed olive oil and avocado got pregnant early in comparison to those women whose intake was less.

The study also revealed that women with higher consumption of saturated fats produce low-quality eggs which results in a decrease in IVF success rates.

So it is always suggested to take monounsaturated fats which can be found in olive oil, avocado, etc.

which will improve fertility as well as the success rate of IVF.

That is a reason Doctors always suggest that the consumption of saturated fats should be avoided and monounsaturated fat-rich foods should be added to a regular diet because food habits and fertility are correlated.

This indicates that there are various things that we eat in our day-to-day life but we are not aware of their benefits and do not give them importance at all.

So it is very important to take the proper guidance of experts and professionals while you are planning to get pregnant through Surrogacy or IVF because they guide you about the healthy food that you should consume which can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Georgia is considered a hub for IVF treatment because the law of surrogacy in Georgia is not complicated at all.

There is the various medical treatment for infertility like egg donation in Georgia is the most effective process, as well as a surrogacy service center that gives proper facilities and treatment.

Note: Consult your doctor before making any diet changes during the IVF treatment.

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