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Who can better understand the way of missing love than those who don’t have kids? A majority of couples are the victim of infertility due to various reasons and hoping to have their kids with any medical support. IVF is a common way, but it is not applicable to all However, there is a better alternative to infertility treatments when a woman is unable to carry a child on her own is called surrogacy. Surrogacy is a medical process where another woman carries the pregnancy of the intended mother done in the supervision and assistance of IVF specialists where a baby is conceived in the womb of other women for the intended couples who want a child.

legal and assured surrogacy at ARTbaby

However, in many countries, it is not a legal process or very costly because a few women are ready to work as surrogate mothers.

Abroad Surrogacy, Tbilisi is the best alternative and option because of flexible laws, the most cost-effective and affordable services, and the availability of surrogate mothers.

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In addition, it is the right destination where experienced doctors and advanced technologies meet together to lit the ray of hope to have your own child.

The Surrogacy procedure

There are three roles played in the complete procedure of surrogacy anywhere in the world that support the birth of a new life. These three roles are the following.

  • Intended Couples or Parents

They are the people who are not able to conceive a baby medically and they need the support of IVF specialists and a surrogate mother to make their hopes convert into the reality of parenthood.

  • Surrogate Mother

A healthy woman can become a surrogate mother as per her choice to help the intended parents by carrying the baby in their womb. However, she should be fully prepared for this.

  • IVF Specialists

Parents and couples need support from IVF specialists who know the medical process of surrogacy. They are well aware of the use of the latest techniques and technology of IVF that is used in the process

Surrogacy – Is It Divided into Different Categories

This medical process of becoming parents is divided into two categories on the basis of the money compensation include:

Commercial Surrogacy – A Procedure Done for Money Compensation

It is a procedure done for compensation that is known as commercial surrogacy. In this procedure, money is offered to a woman for participating as a surrogate mother for the intended parents in the process of surrogacy.

Altruistic Surrogacy – Money Doesn’t Matter Here

In this process, money doesn’t matter as parents pay only the required expenses of the surrogate mother like travel costs, medical expenses, or other similar expenditures. The surrogate mother can be your relative or someone who wants to help the intended parents in conceiving their child.

Gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy are different types of surrogacy with different procedures.

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Conditions in which you need surrogacy services

The Medically unfit couple who cannot give birth to a new life in a natural way or those who have lost their fertility due to any reason are able to get the support of a Surrogacy Centre to become parents. Other conditions are the following.

  • A Woman, who is not medically fit to carry a baby, is able to get the benefits of surrogacy.
  • When a woman is facing problems like malfunction of the womb.
  • For those women who have repeated failure of IVF cycles.

Surrogacy Centre Georgia is an ideal place where you will get the best surrogacy solutions by having more years of experience in endowing couples with surrogacy solutions. The leading center has a large surrogate database, sperm bank, egg donors to, fulfill your surrogacy needs, and a lot more.

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