Surrogacy in Kazakhstan and alternatives

Human reproduction is one of the most basic animal traits that govern society. However, more and more women struggle with conception and children. Whether due to environmental changes or natural factors, infertility is a growing cause for concern. Surrogacy is one of the best-known methods of assisted reproduction.

Surrogacy in Kazakhstan

Since it allows the surrogate mother to carry the baby from conception to birth, surrogacy is one way to overcome most infertility problems.

Many couples who want to have a child of their own but are unable to conceive for various reasons have turned to surrogacy as their preferred method of childbirth. Surrogacy is an ancient tradition in many cultures around the world. Recently, following the development of ART and IVF methods, it has become available on-demand.

There are different causes of male and female infertility and infertility has become a huge problem and is increasing rapidly in India and around the world. International surrogacy has taken hold in many countries, especially where it is an expensive activity or where surrogacy laws are stricter.

Therefore, couples are looking for alternative ways of cheap surrogacy procedures. In addition, people sometimes find it easier to find willing surrogate mothers in countries other than their own. With so many options to choose from, Kazakhstan has become one of the leading surrogacy destinations in the world for many reasons. Some of them are: 

Law: At the legislative level in Kazakhstan, surrogacy is allowed, unlike in other countries such as France, Germany, Austria, Norway, and Sweden, where laws do not allow surrogacy services. The legal framework was created in 1998, when the “Marriage and Family” law was adopted, which established the right to use surrogacy as a means of assisted reproductive technology.

In 1999, the Center for Human Reproduction launched the first surrogacy program. In 2004, the law “On reproductive rights and guarantees for its implementation” was issued. In 2009, the Code “on human health and the health care system” was introduced.

In 2012, the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Marriage (Marriage) and Family” was implemented, which includes Chapter 9 “Surrogate motherhood and the use of techniques and technologies of assisted reproduction”. Due to the country’s provisions and relaxed laws, many people from different countries such as the USA, UK, and China have chosen Kazakhstan to find their surrogate mother.

The willingness of surrogate mothers: Many young, healthy women in Kazakhstan are ready to become surrogate mothers for couples in need because of the money they can earn in international surrogacy. In countries like Kazakhstan, where it is difficult for women to earn a strong income, surrogacy opens up opportunities for these women to make a living.

For many women, this can be a way to support their families and raise their children with the money they receive as maternity benefits. In addition, most of Kazakhstan prefer international currencies like the US dollar, and British pound as they are highly valued against their currency. This makes it easy for married couples to find a surrogate mother in the country and choose one that suits their wishes.

Cost: The cost of surrogacy varies from country to country, as do success rates and legal requirements. The cost of surrogacy in Kazakhstan is relatively lower compared to the most developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. An IVF program with medication is on average between 850-950 thousand Tenge (2400-2600 USD), which is three times cheaper than in America.

Even in the case of surrogate compensation, surrogate mothers in Kazakhstan usually pay relatively cheap amounts compared to the US. So, in general, exchange costs in Kazakhstan are much lower than in many large countries. This makes it an inexpensive option for couples to go through the surrogacy process.

Convenience: If you decide to go through the surrogacy procedure with an agency, you will greatly speed up the whole surrogacy process.

They guarantee a match within a week of starting the process. The surrogacy office will complete the following checks: medical examination, psychological examination, and background tests to find the perfect match for a couple looking for a surrogate mother in Kazakhstan.

Intended parents and surrogates will stay in touch through the usual video call and voice call with an available interpreter. Intended parents will go through a smooth surrogacy process and will not experience any difficulties in Kazakhstan.

Ecology: Some clinics in the Kazakhstan region have no pollution in the city, such as dust and car exhaust. Scientific studies have shown that ecologically clean areas have higher IVF success rates.

The centers also have a team of experts to guide patients through the replacement process and ensure they understand what is happening and what to expect during the process. Utilizing the knowledge of all these specialists, they ensure that a healthy baby is born through a seamless surrogacy process and experience.

With a weak legal system, a healthy environment for a surrogate mother to conceive, readily available and ready women to become surrogate mothers, and well-developed health care professionals and officials and reproductive authorities, Kazakhstan has emerged as an ideal option for parents who see surrogacy as a way, how to have a baby.

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