Surrogacy is a chance to give birth to a baby without the presence of either of parents

Pic. Happy family with children for Surrogacy is a chance to give birth to a baby without the presence of either of parent

Shocking news released last year, which gives an indication that without the presence of either of a parent, born of a child is possible in the future by opting surrogacy.

In 2018, a baby boy child who has been named as Tiantian, born after four years of his parents’ death in a car crash.

Although the incidence has not a result in a pleasurable consequence, his birth gives lots of emotional satisfaction to his grandparents.

Shen Jie and Liu Xi, the biological parents of Tiantian, had died in 2013. But this Chinese couple had already cryopreserved their embryos for future use.

Shen Jie and Liu Xi had chosen Nanjing hospital in China for cryopreserving their embryos. Embryos were safely frozen at minus 196 degrees Celsius in a tank of liquid nitrogen. 

After the accidental death of Shen Jie and Liu Xi, their desire had remained idle. Their parents knew about the fact of frozen embryos.

They had decided to appeal legally to use frozen embryos. The battle was not so much smoother. Almost four years they fought for using the frozen embryos of their children.

Ultimately, they win the legal battle and the baby boy was born in December 2018 by opting surrogacy. This astonishing event is only possible because of the invention and advancement of cryopreservation techniques and surrogacy.

Even after winning the legal battle, the journey was not smooth. In China, surrogacy is not legally accepted.

Therefore, the grandparents had hired a woman from neighboring country Laos, as a surrogate to give birth to their grandchild. Eventually, Tiantian was born.

His grandparents celebrated his first 100 days successfully to share their joy with their relatives.

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Liu Xi’s mother shared her emotion by describing the eyes of Tiantian quite similar to her mother, but the overall look of their grandson mostly similar to Shen Jie.

The paternal grandfather of the Tiantian also revealed that they would not disclose the sadness of his arrival until he not enough older and mature to accept the actual story.

The arrival story of Tiantian is not usual, but it opens the world’s eye that it is possible that without the presence of either of a parent, the birth of a child is possible by opting cryopreservation and surrogacy. This story also encourages couples to cryopreserve their embryos to avoid such mishaps.   

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