Grandmother gives birth to her grandchild!

The news ‘grandmother gives birth to her grandchild’ is heard like a science fiction story.

But in reality, this news is genuine.

The advancement of surrogacy treatment makes this possible, though the number is a handful.

In 1987, a South African lady gave birth her own biological triplets grandchildren at the age of 48 years. 

This news had to get International media attention.

In 2012, news published in Daily mail reporter reported that 58 years old lady become surrogate for her infertile daughter and carry her grandchild.

According to the news report, the reason for infertility was uterine scarring, though the young couple tries two years to conceive.

But unfortunately, all the trials were in vain.

Ultimately 58 years old lady Cathy Donnelly, mother of the infertile woman ready to conceive, though initially medical community had doubt due to age-related complications, such as gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, and premature childbirth.

However, Cathy Donnelly and her family support the decision and she successfully carried her grandchild.

This is always cherished by them and portray a strong mother-daughter relationship. 

In 2016,  67 years old Greek woman Anastassia Ontou, gave birth to her daughter’s child and became the oldest known surrogate in the world.

She had a C-section after completing her seven and a half months of the gestational period; the birth weight of the baby was just 2.16 pounds.

Recently, 61-year-old Cecile delivers her grandchild in Omaha, Nebraska.

In March 2019, this News also surprise many of us.

The gay couple never thought that the mother of one partner agreed to become a surrogate for them.

A series of medical tests were conducted to minimize the older age-associated risk including pulmonary problems, blood clots formation.

Cecile had passed through a thorough medical check-up including a Pap smear, a blood test, a cholesterol test, a stress test, a mammogram, and an ultrasound.

All the test report showed Cecile health condition was in tip-top shape.

The treadmill report also showed her healthy heart condition.

The secret of her good health condition is a good diet and regular exercise.

Cecile always follows a healthy lifestyle, which helps her to achieve the opportunity to carry her own grandchild. 

Sperm was collected from Cecile’s son Matthew.

Elliot, husband of Matthew approached her sister for egg donation.

Both sperm and egg fertilized in the IVF laboratory and created an embryo implanted to Cecile’s womb.

Cecile became pregnant immediately after completion of the first cycle of embryo transfer and deliver her granddaughter on 25th March 2019.

The medical report showed the baby’s birth weight is 5 pounds, 13 ounces, which is considered normal and full-term.

Cecile delivers the child without C-section, though the chances of C-section is higher at an older age, as the bones of the body become stiff. 

Cecile does not face any pregnancy-related complication and she is also healthy after delivery the child.

This news is really amazing because previously reported older age surrogacy completed by a 57-year-old Britain lady, Pamela Butler reported she gave birth her grandson after four round of expensive IVF treatment.

This news is motivational for all the female fraternity that age is not a bar, but health can be a barrier to support your family when they actually need help from you.

Taking care of own health is one of the great choices to help your family at their crisis period.

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