Georgian Surrogate Motherhood

Georgian surrogate motherhood is a legal surrogacy practice. Ministry of Health also supports to run this novel fertility treatment. Georgian surrogate motherhood is a great benefit for infertile couples to get their biological children.

Previously, Georgian people unaware of this practice. But soon after fertility clinicians started surrogacy centers and local media had covered the advertisement of the centers opening news raised awareness about surrogacy.

The Georgian surrogacy centers became an employment hub for interested women. These surrogacy centers maintain the database of Georgian surrogates. Previously, unemployed women who completed their family. But they faced difficulty to run their family due to lack of money had shown interest to become a surrogate mother.

Soon Georgia becomes a surrogacy hub due to high unemployment and poor financial conditions of the locals. Thus, Georgian surrogate motherhood helps many infertile couples for building and completing their families.

Many countries have a controversial point of view regarding surrogacy and surrogate motherhood. Many European countries have implemented assisted reproduction law considering various cultural, political, religious, and economic values to regulate different advanced fertility treatment approaches including surrogacy.   

Surrogacy is illegal in some countries like Austria, Finland, Germany, and Norway. In the United Kingdom, apart from medical expenses, no other payment is approved for a surrogate. Commercial surrogacy is completely forbidden in The Netherlands, Denmark, France, and Israel. In the United States,  the compensation amount can be changed depending upon the location. However, some states have banned surrogacy.

There is no specific surrogacy law followed in Georgia till today. But surrogacy centers with the supportive Georgian Ministry of Health able to run an effective surrogacy program and made an alternative destination for fertility tourism. In Georgia, commercial surrogacy is relatively less expensive. The rate varies depending upon the surrogacy method.  

Traditional surrogacy is much costlier than gestational surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the male partner’s or donor sperm artificially inseminate into the surrogate’s egg and she carries the created embryo.

In this case, the surrogate has a genetic connection with the born child. On the other hand, surrogates can also act as a gestational carrier without a genetic connection with the born child. In this case, the egg collected from the intended mother or donor’s ovary used for fertilization.

There is a huge scope for Georgian women to perform as surrogacy motherhood. However, clinic-based reproductive laws can vary. It is always better to contact with authentic surrogacy clinic by taking assistance from surrogacy service centers. This helps to avoid potential hazardous associated with surrogacy, such as the acquisition of charging forceful surrogacy, blackmailing, parenthood authority issues, etc.

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