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Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy

Doctors usually recommended surrogate pregnancy due to certain women’s reproductive health issues, which either may be due to the absence of the uterus or functional problems in the uterus.  Medical surrogate pregnancy also requires certain other special cases apart from these health-related disorders. Absence or underdeveloped uterus Uterus present in women’s reproductive system plays a Read more about Medical indication for surrogate pregnancy[…]

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What is the point of view of the general population on surrogacy?

The most discussed topic in the medical field is about the advent of various new reproductive technologies. However, there are very fewer surveys conducted specifically on surrogacy, to confirm public attitudes about these technologies. There are two different sentiments usually important to evaluate. Those who worked as surrogates and those who utilize surrogacy technology. The Read more about What is the point of view of the general population on surrogacy?[…]