Will there be a Waiting time in the Surrogacy and IVF industry after Covid-19 lockdown opens?

The COVID-19 pandemic interferers a lot in the regular life of all human beings across the globe. Social distancing is the only way to lower the curve. To follow this, government of many countries obey lockdown option. Continuous lockdown over a month hold on the conceiving planning for those who require help from assisted reproductive technology (ART).

The IVF and surrogacy are two advanced ARTs require periodic clinic visit along with regular consultation with a clinician. But like other industries, surrogacy and IVF industry badly affected with COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of couples as well as individuals who wish to form their family by opting for these options become anxious about the present condition.

Previously, the government of various countries was approaching to delay the elective ART procedures including surrogate pregnancy, cryopreservation of egg, IVF, because time management is an important aspect for surrogacy and the IVF industry and aspiring parents need to follow the stringent schedule. But currently, the COVID-19 pandemic may remain for an uncertain period. And in such a situation, a continuous lockdown should not be possible to maintain.  Therefore, the government may open the lockdown after a certain period. But in this circumstance, the obvious question is – should surrogacy and IVF industry wait for a while?

Yet now, neither clinical study findings show the negative impact of Coronavirus on pregnancy, nor the global medical community gets any consequence of Coronavirus on pregnancy. In these circumstances, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended couples who can naturally conceive should maintain the usual preventive action during their family planning. However, some countries have considered pregnant women as a vulnerable population based on certain viral infections that worsen the condition.

It is very difficult to conclude any decision for the ART industry that they can immediately start their full-fledged functioning after opening the lockdown for COVID 19. The risk of spiking high the curve of COVID 19 patients after the opening of lockdown cannot be ignored. The long lockdown and the impact of COVID 19 also create fear in mind for every individual. Therefore, intended parents may not be psychologically prepared to take another extensive treatment-related stress immediately after the opening of the lockdown. 

It has expected that financial scenarios will be changed after this huge setback. Intended parents who could do easy fertility treatment without bothering the financial resources may not get such suitability in the present condition. This is another road-blocking aspect to start the treatment immediately after the opening of the lockdown.      

Theoretically, waiting time may not require for the surrogacy and IVF industry. But practically, the startup may not be smooth. Even it is also not confirmed that once lockdown open, it may not start again after a short gap due to unexpected hiking of the morbidity and/or mortality curves of COVID 19 affected patient’s numbers. It will be better to take a couple of months waiting time after the opening of the lockdown period. However, the industry should not be spent free time during this period. They should utilize in making strategies, protocols, and SOPs which they able to follow by keeping the minimum risk for their patients after staring their functioning. However, it is necessary to mention, many surrogacies and IVF clinics have started virtual assistance programs to support their patients. 

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