Planning Surrogacy during or after this COVID pandemic situation?

COVID pandemic situation makes the virtual world! There is no clue when the situation becomes favorable, but nothing can be stopped for an uncertain period. To cope with the situation, all the essential work is continuing through virtually. 

Many surrogacy service providers also open their doors through teleconsultation, and video-conferencing to start the surrogacy journey for clients who are planning for surrogacy service.

Surrogacy during or after covid-19

The journey of surrogacy is a complex and time taking procedure. But whoever planning to opt for surrogacy, this is the best time to gather information regarding the procedure.

Although COVID 19 creates some difficulty for the intended parents, surrogates, and service providers who have already started their journey or reached the end step of the procedure due to travel restrictions, logistical scarcity, and legal intricacy.   

But this is the right time for both intended parents and surrogates to start planning and begin the process by taking information through virtual communication with a different surrogacy agency.

So that after the arrival of the favorable condition, which may arrive by next year the surrogacy process will start without delay.

Currently, experts give the advice not to start new surrogacy processing during the COVID pandemic situation.

However, virtual contact with a surrogacy agency will provide prospective information about the future of proper surrogacy planning.

Many surrogates agree to wait until the right time will not come to start the process.

Surrogacy agencies offer video-conferencing arrangements for fixing the meeting between the surrogate, intended parents, and team members of the surrogacy agency to get to know each other.

This is a very important step for matching the surrogate depending on the intended parent’s preferences. Video platforms are easy to operate on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PC.  

Clinics are facing different challenges in the COVID pandemic condition.

However, the type of these challenges is more or less similar in every affected country, but the intensity of the challenge is completely country-specific.

In present situations, clinics are operated under emergency orders and that varies from country to country.

Embryo transfer decision entirely depends upon clinic by clinic decision. The decision of the clinic usually depends upon local factors, which entirely vary.

Surrogates may worry about the payment of compensation amount. Authentic surrogacy agencies have their escrow and the decided compensation amount will pay to a surrogate before the embryo transfer process.

Therefore, the planned surrogacy process can be continued in this pandemic condition also without creating any unethical issues.

Remote service given by a surrogacy agency is a new way to normalize the condition as there is no specific hope to completely control the situation.

Therefore, both intended parents, as well as surrogates, need to adapt to this new normal condition for surrogacy planning.

It has expected that soon the government will release proper guidance for embryo transfer.

Social distancing and several visitor restrictions in the clinic during the procedure may be included in the embryo transfer protocol shortly.

However, it is necessary to mention that every surrogacy clinic has a backlog of patients waiting to start the clinical procedure after the COVID pandemic condition.

Therefore, new patients need to experience a delay in starting their treatment during and after the COVID pandemic condition. 

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