Who requires surrogacy and the process?

Surrogacy is an ideal option for intended parents and couples who are medically unfit to give birth to a baby in a natural way for any medical reason or Surrogacy is the only option for singles/gays/LGBTs. 

Following reasons indicate that you require surrogacy services:

  • A woman – facing problems like the malfunctioning of the womb or repeated failure of IVF cycles.
  • If a woman is not medically fit or have crossed a certain age due to career and other problems in life.

This medical process done in the observation and supervision of IVF specialists to conceive a baby in the womb of another woman for intended couples is a boon for couples who are looking for their own baby in a legal way and through a secure medical process.

Georgia is counted and selected as the best destination because of various reasons like:

  • Flexibility in legal formalities
  • Easy availability of surrogate mothers
  • Affordable packages with all world-class facilities
  • World-class hospitals and surrogacy centers
  • Secure screening of surrogate and creating an impressive profile of intended parents

Surrogacy Procedure is the most cost-effective in Georgia than in other countries as mainly in developed countries like the UK and the USA. In addition to this, world-class hospitals and doctors know very well how to provide you with the right treatment.

Surrogacy Procedure – Steps

The beginning of the surrogacy starts with interest amid intended parents and couples who are not able to become parents due to medical problems. They have the last hope of having their kids with the help of surrogacy in the supervision of IVF specialists.

Georgian Motherhood is the key person in the entire process who is a healthy lady hired after screening to carry the pregnancy.

IVF specialist is a professional who takes the responsibility of successfully completing the process. They use techniques and procedures to complete the surrogacy procedure in a successful way.

Legal Formalities

After understanding the surrogate mother and intended parents and their approval, a contract is signed by following all the legal formalities.

Surrogacy – Divided into Two Categories

Surrogacy is divided into two categories – commercial and altruistic. In Georgian commercial surrogacy, money is offered to a healthy woman to carry a baby in the womb for nine months or till the birth of a healthy child. They work to earn some money. However, there are certain medical conditions for this.

In Altruistic surrogacy, it is done by the family member, relative, or friend for a social cause. However, parents have to pay medical expenditures and total cost of the process along with transit cost, medical expenses, and other expenditures.

Georgia – the Best Medical Tourist Place in the World for infertility Treatment and Surrogacy or Egg Donor Services

Georgia is an ideal destination preferred very much for affordable price and quality, safety, and environment. Not to mention the availability of services that is far better than Mexico, Ukraine, and Cambodia.

You will find professionals who are trained in Europe and the USA; while they have a proven track record of offering world-class treatment. You don’t have to wait for surrogate mother or Egg donors as they are easily available after screening for their good health and social background.

You will find multilingual professionals who help you in understand the process easily and complete documentation in a successful way.

They spend time attending all medical conferences and workshops to bring innovative solutions. Locals here are very good for people from other countries.

There are various other reasons that will persuade you towards Georgia for surrogacy

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In recent years the number of foreign intended parents has been increased in Georgia to opt for Surrogacy, and also Georgia has become a popular celebrity surrogacy destination due to medical advances and high success rate.

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