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What are the problems associated with delayed childbearing?

Individual preference differs to start a family. However, it is important to obtain complete knowledge about the consequences of free choices.  The appropriate information needs to provide women with the possible results of a choice to delay motherhood. In the current decade, women have the impression that the ticking of female biological clock can be Read more about What are the problems associated with delayed childbearing?[…]

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Tips to create bonding with new born

Bonding with a newborn is a vital part to raise a child. It is no matter how the pregnancy is created, that may be the result of normal conception or the outcome of the fertility treatment like IVF, egg donor pregnancy, etc. Every newborn requires love, warmth, and care. He/she must feel safe to play, Read more about Tips to create bonding with new born[…]

Emotional aspects of intended parents

Recently, the increasing prevalence of infertility is widely solved by using gestational surrogacy. The intended parents have motivated to involve in this complex reproductive technique as they desire to create a family and enjoy their parenthood with their biological child/children. Conventionally it is true that people believe that love and affection are more with their Read more about Emotional aspects of intended parents[…]

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Myth or fact: Conceiving boy or girl

Along with a healthy baby born, couples when trying for their family building, also desire to have selected gender-specific birth. From ancient history, some tips had followed to have a boy or girl child to balance the family. However, some of these tips have followed from generation to generation without scientific evidence yet prove their Read more about Myth or fact: Conceiving boy or girl[…]

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A new era in childbirth

Step by step improvement in human childbirth is significant throughout human evolution.  Before 1978, nobody has the idea that a child could birth through IVF. On 25th July 1978, Louise was the first girl child born through IVF with all the normal physical features. This medical advancement surprised whole human fraternity. However, this success story Read more about A new era in childbirth[…]

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Grandmother gives birth to her grandchild!

The news ‘grandmother gives birth to her grandchild’ is heard like a science fiction story. But in reality, this news is genuine. The advancement of surrogacy treatment makes this possible, though the number is a handful. In 1987, a South African lady gave birth her own biological triplets grandchildren at the age of 48 years.  Read more about Grandmother gives birth to her grandchild![…]

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Development of emotional connection between intended parents and surrogate baby

The psychological well-being of children has a connection with emotional bonding with their parents. This emotional bonding is termed an attachment, which has been starting before the birth of a child. The fetus aware of the mother’s voice, whereas the mother can feel the presence of her baby in her womb by experiencing kick and Read more about Development of emotional connection between intended parents and surrogate baby[…]

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Zinc supplement and male infertility

Overall health benefits of Zinc Zinc is an essential mineral and present in the diet as a trace element. Chemically, zinc is an inorganic substance with a symbol of ‘Zn’. Enzymes also contain zinc and play an important role in protein synthesis and cell division. Zinc is also present in human blood and in the Read more about Zinc supplement and male infertility[…]

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How hormonal imbalances affecting female reproductive health?

The normal regulation of the menstrual cycle is maintained by different hormones and is one of the key physiological management of female health. Hormonal imbalance is one of the primary causes of female infertility along with other co-morbidities including obesity, reduced libido, aging, and hair loss. What is a hormone? A hormone is a chemical Read more about How hormonal imbalances affecting female reproductive health?[…]

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Advantages and disadvantages of Multi-fetus pregnancies

There is an increasing clinical trend to opt for assisted reproductive treatment (ART) to treat infertility problems. In ART, multiple embryos are transferred to achieve maximum probability to obtain treatment success and fulfill the intended parents desire. Both advantages and disadvantages are associated with multi-fetus pregnancies. It has been estimated that infertility treatments outcome for Read more about Advantages and disadvantages of Multi-fetus pregnancies[…]